Taylormade RocketBallz Irons

taylormade-rbz-irons-review.jpgWildly know as the #1 driver on tour, Taylormade hasn't exactly put much focus on irons in the past few years, but now it appears they're gearing up in a big way and have their sights set on dominating the irons industry as well. When TaylorMade introduced their RocketBallz irons back in December they were touted as a "game changer"... an iron set that was engineered to deliver effortless distance and a higher and straighter ball flight. Sound like something you've heard before? It's true, many golf equipment manufacturers are all bark and no bite, but recently we were approached by Taylormade and were given the opportunity to fully test and review the new RBZ irons for ourselves. It's time to separate fact from fiction!


"Without a doubt, the new RocketBallz iron will be an improvement over any other iron in a golfer's bag, from a technology standpoint, we have done the unthinkable. We brought in metalwood engineers to help create irons with faces that behave like drivers, sending the ball easily high and far almost as if it was bounced off a trampoline. These technological advancements will be visible to the golfer upon first contact with a ball." -Sean Toulon, executive VP of TaylorMade Golf.

Key Features:

  • taylormade-rbz-review.jpgIndividually engineered to promote more distance, improved accuracy and great feel.
  • Two-piece metalwood-inspired construction in 3, 4 and 5 irons for low CG and high COR.
  • Ultra-thin face flexes freely to promote COR up to the USGA limit for high ball speed.
  • Re-engineered face with new "Toe-Bar" controls face-flexion to direct shots straighter.
  • New vibration and sound control system promotes excellent feel and sound.
  • Wedges incorporate new ATV sole for maximum versatility and playability.
  • RBZ Steel Shaft - 85 grams.
  • RBZ Graphite Shaft - 65 grams.

The Review:

taylormade-rockeballz-irons-review.jpgDesign: (9 out of 10) What we look for in a set of irons: style, technology and functionality... the RBZ irons have it all! These irons are loaded with technology, have a truly eye popping facade and as you'll find out also preform quite nicely as well. We give props to the Taylormade R&D team, these irons look the part and best of all have the specs to back it up. 

Feel: (8 out of 10) These irons supply surprising feedback at impact and are weighted very nicely! Also the new vibration dampening technology preformed as advertised and delivered no bad vibes, even with the long irons. One complaint we did have is the grips... they're not as tacky as we'd like out of the box, but we did notice that they softened up after a little use. Maybe with a few more rounds they'll be perfect.

Distance: (9 out of 10) Born from driver technology to supply maximum ball velocity, the RBZ irons are no joke! When struck properly the ball absolutely screams off the face at an ideal trajectory. Due in large part to the club-heads low center of gravity and its very thin face which actually flexes upon impact and provides a trampoline effect. On average our testing resulted in +5.7 yards gained when compared to similar sets of irons released this year. 

Accuracy: (8.5 out of 10) We didn't find any staggering improvements in the accuracy department, though the RBZ irons did prove to be very reliable and surprisingly forgiving on miss-hits. Keeping the ball in the fairway and on the greens was never an issue during our testing sessions.

Control: (9 out of 10) If you're a player who knows how to work the ball, you'd love these irons! We found that they're extremely work-able from left to right and vice versa. 

Value: (9.5 out of 10) Taylomade's pricing is on par (pun intended) with the Nike, Callaway and Cleveland, but for that price you're getting increased distance, reliable accuracy and control of the ball. Putting the RBZ value quite high in our book!

The Bottom Line: If you're a new golfer, old golfer, or somewhere in-between and you're looking to find a new set of irons that will send your ball blistering through the air, rolling down the fairways and sticking the greens we highly recommend you check out the Taylormade RockeBallz Irons for yourself. They my have a ridiculous name, but they're also ridiculously reliable! Loving the RBZ irons as much as we did? Then make sure to check out the embedded video below to get an up-close and personal look at the irons from every last angle.

Price: $599.99 or go to: TaylormadeGolf.com

August 2, 2012 5:35 AM | Golf

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