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When approached by our good friends at Nike Golf to test and review the latest Nike adjustable driver in their arsenal, we did a Tiger Woods style fist pump, and then gladly accepted the SQ Machspeed Black Driver review model just a few days later. The Nike adjustable driver has come a long way in the past few years since the incorporation of Nike's STR8-FIT technology. The SQ Machspeed Black Driver review model we received appears to be the culmination of Nike's hard work and determination when it comes to producing high quality adjustable drivers. However looks can be deceiving, so we decided to throw everything we had at this driver! We took it to the simulator, to the range, and finally on the course for a few rounds of 18, for good measure.


Available with 460cc of ball crushing power in your choice of round or square heads, the SQ Machspeed Black features a truly aerodynamic profile that generates faster club head speeds simply by reducing drag. A deep face is said by Nike to give players greater distance on off-center hits. The SQ Machspeed Black also generates a lower ball flight than previous Machspeed models, this helps create lower spin rates, which in theory helps the ball go further and keep you in the fairway more often... We'll be the judges of that!


Nike's adjustable STR8-FIT technology gives anyone the ability to hit the ball longer and straighter. How? Well, they give you a fancy wrench that allows you to actually change the head position on the shaft... The head actually comes off the freakin' shaft! Making a few simple changes before a round can dramatically correct your ball flight and hopefully cure those pesky shanks that plague most of us. The STR8-FIT system allows you to choose from eight unique head positions, opening the club face or closing it as much as you desire. Nike's made it so there's no more messing around with different shafts or movable weights, which we appreciate. 

Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver Key Features:

  • Eight-position adjustability for the ideal face angle each swing optimal aerodynamics throughout swing to reduce drag.
  • Maximum speed and Energy at impact .
  • Increased workability with explosive distance.
  • Fast Start: Tapered heel geometry and toe-side aerodynamic Nike Powerbow design promotes smooth air flow around the head for quicker acceleration.
  • Acceleration: Aerodynamic Nike Powerbow and Sole Diffusers design keep the airflow smooth and close to the club's surface, reducing drag and encouraging faster acceleration.
  • Maximum Speed: Drag reduction throughout the downswing allows the club to reach its true maximum speed, deliver maximum energy to the ball.
The Review:
Design: Black on black... On black never looked so good! And aerodynamically the club head is a superb piece of technology. We realize that design is a very subjective subject of criteria, but non the less everyone who had a chance to test this driver was wow'd by it's appearance!

Distance: Our average distance with a similar driver (in price and stats) was 267.3 yards. After switching to the SQ Machspeed Black Driver our average drive distance bumped up to 272.4... That's a five yard increase. And we'll take that any day of the week!

Feel: It's ultra light and swings nicely, but nothing stood out when we first put this club in our hands. When smashing a drive the sound that comes off the club face is ear rattling.

Accuracy: We spent a lot of time on the simulator with this driver. Mostly because we didn't believe the data we were seeing. Our crew saw a 12% increase in accuracy after switching to the SQ Machspeed Black compared to a similarly adjustable and priced competitor. In case you're wondering... That's awesome!

Adjust-ability: With eight separate settings to move the head more open or closed, this driver is the epitome of adjust-ability! The best part is that it's super easy to adjust as well. You can have the head of the club off and re-positioned in less than a minute once you get good at it. The wrench Nike provides with the purchase of any STR8-FIT club also has a torque setting that audibly beeps when you've tightened the club fully, so that you do not over tighten the head and strip the threads.

Workability: Our review model was the round version which actually promotes workability. As opposed to the squared version which is said to be more stable and offers better forgiveness.

Forgiveness: We tracked off-center shots with impact tape and noticed that many of our miss-hits were still making the fairway. In-fact many were still within a few yards of the center line. The game of golf is never forgiving. Having a driver that is, can be the difference between a good round and a great round.

The Bottom Line: We loved testing this driver. It's an all-around great product and we have no problem strongly recommending it to any golfer who's looking to beef up their game in the driver category. Do yourself a favor and take an hour out of your day to make a quick trip to your local pro shop or sporting goods store to see what we're talking about! In the mean-time check out what Paul Casey, Stewart Cink, Lucas Glover, and Michelle Wie have to say about SQ Machspeed Black Driver in the video embedded below.

Price: $299.99 or go to:

May 18, 2011 10:11 AM | Golf

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