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The game of golf requires more gear and equipment than any other recreational sport, so having the lightest golf bags is more important than you might think, and that's why the OGIO Velocity golf bag was created! Making a light golf bag is easy, but also offering maximum technology and storage space is what sets these lightest golf bags apart from the rest of the competition. The OGIO velocity golf bag has more than a few tricks up it's sleeve, including the 7-way Woode UltraLite performance top with full-length dividers, the O-Shox suspension strap system, and the AFS air flow system tech shoulder straps, which claim to keep you cooler throughout a round. We'd like to take OGIO's word for it, but you know us! We just had to put this light weight through the paces... Literally!  


OGIO Velocity Key Features:

  • Weight - ONLY 3.6lbs empty!!!
  • 9" Woode, 7-way UltraLite Performance top
  • Fleece-lined valuables pocket
  • Lightweight ripstop fabric
  • Deluxe hip pad
  • Hydration pocket
  • O-Shox Suspension Strap System - OGIO's patented system has comfort in mind, using anintegrated elastomeric material to absorb downward pull and disperse energy from the bag asthe golfer walks, significantly reducing strain on the upper body.
  • AFS-Air Flow System Tech Shoulder Strap - The sleek size and flexibility of the strap providesthe most conforming fit on the market. The ventilated strap allows body heat to escape whileallowing reversed airflow for a cool golfer on the course. 
ogio-logo.jpg"Pound for pound, our UltraLite Performance Golf Bags are the most durable and contain the most storage space of any bags that we have ever made at this light of a weight, consistent with OGIO's reputation, we continue to pour the innovation and creativity needed into the UltraLite Performance Series, resulting in one-of-a kind features such as the O-Shox Suspension System. OGIO provides golfers with a bag that looks as good as it feels, and delivers unmatched performance with dexterous innovations and unique features." -Tom Gocke, OGIO Global VP.

After walking 72 holes the OGIO Velocity strapped to our backs, we're confident our testing is now complete. You know what that means! It's now time to move on the the results! Check out our full review below...
  • Design - Nothing too out of the ordinary here, and you can tell right off the bat OGIO has put the details where it matters, in the weighting... That being said all the pockets are in the right areas you'd like and they're easily accessible. We like the black on gray "clear sport" version (pictured atop this review) the best.
  • Comfort - Walking around the course with this on your back is a dream. The lightness combined with the O-Shox carrying system makes waking 18 more fun than work.
  • Weight - A round of golf with the wrong bag can result in some seriously heavy lifting. And since golf wasn't designed to mimic a power-lifting workout, it's nice to find a stand bag that actually balances storage and technology into a very light 3.6lbs golf bag. It's obvious that the OGIO Velocity bag was designed to keep work outs at the gym and not on the course.
  • Storage - With 8 total pockets, 7 of which are zippered, this relatively small golf bag has lots of space for everything you might need on the course. EDITORS NOTE: The largest pocket will hold 12 cans of your favorite beverage. Keeping them cold is another challenge. 
The Bottom Line: We highly recommend the OGIO Velocity golf bag to anyone who'd rather be walking around the golf course opposed to zipping around in an bumpy golf cart every round. Seriously, if you enjoy waking, but don't want neck and back pains, the Velocity bag could be your new best friend! 

Price: $195.00 or go to:

April 12, 2011 8:42 AM | Golf

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