Bag Boy T-2000


Built with the traveling golfer in mind, the new Bag Boy T-2000 soft case features a patent pending pivot grip handle that rotates 360 degrees and was designed to reduce arm and wrist strain while transporting clubs to and from the airport. A few weeks back the good people over at Bag Boy caught wind of our popular testing and review articles and decided it was about time we started protecting our sticks. A few days later our very own T-2000 arrived and just in-time for a trip to Mexico! 


(available in three colors: royal/black, red/black, silver/black)

Key Features:

- Ultra thick wrap-around padded top for the ultimate travel protection

- Deluxe in-line skate wheels provide smooth rolling action

- Durable PVC back with extra tall ABS base for maximum club protection

How the T-2000 works:

"Our R&D team has done an outstanding job in taking advanced technology from our golf bag line and applying it to the T-2000 travel cover, our testing shows that the Pivot Grip significantly reduces strain on the arm and wrist as compared to travel covers with traditional handles. Golfers will see and feel the difference immediately when they travel with the T-2000." - Caig Ramsbottom, President, Dynamic Brands Golf Division.

Our Review:


Design: (9.5 out of 10) The design of the T-2000 is very stylish yet quite simple. We've been traveling with golf clubs for years and have utilized both hard cases and soft, among all of the cases we've traveled with the T-2000 stands out above the rest from a design aspect. The pivoting 360 handle located at the top of the bag in conjunction with the wheels at the bottom makes transporting your clubs a breeze and cuts back on wrist / arm strain considerably! We found that turning tight corners and navigating the T-2000 through an airport or hotel lobby was simply... simple! On top of the maneuverability this case provides it also incorporates a handy full length zipper that allows easy access to your clubs and a locking clasp for added security. It would appear that the engineers at Bag Boy pulled out all the stops for 2012. Well done!

Durability: (9 out of 10) Produced from 1680D nylon the T-2000 is as tough as they come in a soft case! After our trip to Mexico the case was a little dirty, but showed no signs of wear that would compromise it's ability to protect the golf clubs within. It is our belief that this case would stand up to 100s of trips and all the abuse your local airport can throw at it. 

Protection: (9 out of 10) Soft cases are great because they're easy to store and typically are more affordable than hard cases. The only drawback is that soft cases tend to be less protective on average. Surprisingly, in our time with the T-2000 we found the case to be quite protective. In-fact on both our arrival in Mexico and return, our clubs showed no signs of abuse related to travel. A welcome sight when many airlines these days refuse to offer insurance!

Storage: (9.5 out of 10) With two oversized garment pockets and a shoe pocket, this soft case is has all the extra storage you can handle.

Value: (8.5 out of 10) Coming in at nearly $200 the T-2000 isn't the most affordable soft case on the market, but Bag Boy's one year warranty combined with the 360 pivot grip and the case's superb durability make it worth the retail price in our opinion. 

The Bottom Line: If you're a golfer who travels often and wants to protect your clubs with out the use of a bulky un-maneuverable hard case. The Bag Boy T-2000 is an excellent option and it comes highly recommended from us! It's hard to make a simple product that is built for protection exciting and new, but the folks over at Bag Boy have really done it this time. 

Price: $189.99 or go to:

April 16, 2012 6:54 AM | Golf

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