Where To Buy Used Bikes in Seattle : Fixed Gear, Refurbished, Road, Mountain


Here's our Where To Buy Used Bikes in Seattle Guide featuring the best used bike stores for fixed gear, refurbished, road, and mountain bikes. This Where To Buy Used Bikes in Seattle Guide will save you some time when looking for shops to buy fixed gear, refurbished, road, and mountain bikes. The financial crisis has all of us tightening our budgets, saving every little penny we can, cutting costs, and doing whatever we can to have enough finances to ensure some unexpected time of unemployment would not hurt as much. So since we are in a time when cutting costs is the trend, you can cut some expenses by switching over the daily commuting around your city from car to bicycle. The benefits of doing your commutes on a bicycle are unavoidable. These benefits include helping save the environment by commuting in an eco-friendly method, less money devoted to refueling your vehicle with gas regularly, fewer costs your insurance rate, and an all-around healthier lifestyle.

While Seattle may have one of the most stable major metropolitan area economies in the United States, there still calls a time for those residents to realize how uncertain things can be in the national economic state we are in. So saving here and there, where you can find great alternatives that won't change too much, are great to into. Which also brings attention to the other value in using bicycles for daily commutes, this being that you don't have to relatively new bicycle. Add in the fact that the city of Seattle is planning to add new bicycle pathways to aid in the rising trend of bicyclists emerging. That is why in this article we will take a look at some of the best shops in Settle to get a used bicycle so you can save some money on your daily commutes.

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Recycled Cycles


Proudly being apart of the local Seattle area cycling community since 1994, Recycled Cycles is a great place to go to when looking for a good steal on a bicycle that surely will have great longevity after your purchase. While Recycled Cycles offers both used and new bicycles, and a full array of bicycle components. This bicycle component inventory includes parts and accessories. However, this is one of the few places where their specialty is used and reconditioned bicycles. Outside of that great aspect, their staff is very well knowledgeable and have a great amount of experience. Multiple staff members also have between five to ten years of experience working in this shop, which is a good thing because you know they are very skilled at their job after so many years of employment at this bicycle shop. So if you want to go to a shop that specializes in used and reconditioned bicycles, then Recycled Cycles is your top choice.

Address: Recycled Cycles 1007 NE Boat Street Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: local: (206) 547-4491 | toll free: (877) 298-4683 | business office:(206) 547-1566 | fax: (206) 547-0687 |
Hours: Monday-Friday 10-8 | Saturday 10-6 | Sunday 10-6

Velo Bike Shop


Having been open since 1968 in the Capital Hill area, Velo Bike Shop is a true staple in the cycling community of this city. Velo is a full service bicycle shop that is open all seven days of the week, and have a good experienced mechanic staff that welcomes customers to come in and get their bicycles worked on all the time. Velo offers a great selection of bikes ranging as low as kids bicycles, and as unexpected as unicycles. This local bike shop, somewhat of a community landmark in terms of sheer longevity, found in Velo is a great find for anyone looking to purchase a bicycle for whatever reason in the Seattle area.

Address: 1535 11th Avenue Seattle, Washington 98122
Phone: (206) 325-3292
Hours: Sun: Noon-5pm | Mon-Thursday: 10am-7pm | Fri & Sat: 10am-6pm

Bike Works


Bike Works is that bicycle shop that prides itself in being a driving push towards influencing people of all ages in the Seattle are to pursue bicycling as their mode of transportation to promote a cleaner and healthier life for all, and has been doing so since 1996. If your looking for a bicycle shop that has a strong morale core in establishing a better community though enhancing the already in place one with more bicycle integration, then you have no reason to look further than Bike Works. This is a bike shop that pursues to pushes to empower the youth to lead happy and heart healthy lives through bicycling, making bicycling an affordable option of transportation for all, and to promote a self sustainable mode of transportation. Bike Works is a must bicycle shop to give a look see, I mean they pride themselves off of their morals to empower and better the community. What can you find faulty in that?

Bike Works Bike Shop 3709 S. Ferdinand St. Seattle, WA 98118
Phone: (206) 725-9408, ext. 3
Hours: Tuesday thru Friday -- Noon to 6:00 PM | Saturday -- 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM | Sunday -- 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM | The shop is closed on Mondays

Elliott Bay Bicycles


Elliott Bay Bicycles is a home store with a self proclaimed international reputation that puts taking care of the needs of its customers first. What really sets this shop apart from any your probably going to come across, is that Elliott Bay Bicycles has its own frame shop. This allows customers to achieve a whole new level of customization from their bicycle shop, that you would really be hard pressed to find elsewhere. If your looking for a bicycle that you know you probably wouldn't be able to find elsewhere, then Elliott Bay Bicycles is the shop where you have to be at.

Elliot Bay Bicycles 2116 Western Ave. Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: (206) 441-8144 Fax: (206) 441-1815
Hours: Monday-Friday: 10am - 7pm | Saturday: 10am - 6pm | Sunday: 11am - 4pm

October 22, 2011 8:12 PM | Biking

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