Where To Buy Used Bikes in Los Angeles : Fixed Gear, Refurbished, Road, Mountain


Here's our Where To Buy Used Bikes in Los Angeles Guide, The newest installment of these guides for people looking to buy used fixed gear, refurbished, road, mountain bikes. Our Where To Buy Used Bikes in Los Angeles Guide is your one stop to getting the used fixed gear, refurbished, road, and mountain bikes you desire. When you first hear the city Los Angeles, you immediately associate it with the high level of traffic that runs the city streets everyday. In fact, Los Angeles is on the top of the list of cities with the worst traffic, probably the world as well. Now with knowing that fact, why would anyone honestly voluntarily venture into this world of constant stopping and going, wild driving, car accidents, road rage, and no common curiosity for your fellow driver? Well the reason why is that in a city like L.A. there is no other real way of getting around in the city. There is no reliable public transportation system that covers the city, and the city is extremely spread out. The spread out landscape of L.A. does provide with great scenery at times, but it does eliminate the option of walking that people of most major metropolitan cities have.

For those that can't afford to venture into walking everywhere, or aren't in situations that would allow them to keep up with a car of their own, then a bicycle is the next best thing. Honestly Los Angeles is not the most bicycle forward city out there, however it is somewhat feasible for one to choose a bicycle as their main mode of transportation. Before you go selling your car and buying your bicycle, first look into your needs as a rider. For the most part you are just a commuter, and won't need all the sophistication of a more technologically current model. As long as its sturdy and reliable you should be fine, and that is where used bicycles come into place. That is why in this article, you will see some of the best places in Los Angeles to purchase a used bicycle.

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Downtown Bicycles


First in our Where To Buy Used Bikes in Los Angeles Guide is Downtown Bicycles. Founded in 2008 by a young teen with his family's support, Downtown Bicycles is a proud proponent in the green transportation movement in the Los Angeles and a strong member of the active bicycle culture of the city already. This is a full service shop that offers very reasonable prices on its bicycle maintenance and repair services. Downtown Bicycles also holds a very unique event occurring on Saturdays from 8am to noon. This event being their Yoga Rides. Yoga bike riding is something of a hybrid between a bike ride and a yoga session, lasting around an hour and a half. If your looking for a young an youthful vibe with a family oriented feel in a your bicycle shop, then Downtown Bicycles is a great choice!

1626 S. Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: (213) 745-6783

Rolling Cowboys Bicycle Shop


The mission of Rolling Cowboys Bicycle Shop is, "To encourage more and more people to use bicycles as transportation and or recreation." They also view bicycling as one of the best methods of transportation, and feel you should do it as any person worthy of calling themselves a Los Angeles native. This being style of course. This style forward bicycle shop also does a good job of catering to all riders, ensuring that they don't miss any group. They also have a regular in house certified mechanic on site. No matter what your looking for Rolling Cowboys Bicycle Shop will give you something truly suitable of you, and will give you some style.

3505 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles 90019
Phone: (323) 570-0066

Flying Pigeon LA


We all know New York is the main pigeon city of the United States, however this bicycle shop does a good job of making the pigeon a known animal as far as bicycle community of L.A. goes. The Flying Pigeon bicycle shop is located in the Highland Park/Cypress Park neighborhood. They offer a variety of bicycles, including their namesake brand the Flying Pigeon. A great aspect about this shop is that they thoroughly examine each bicycle, and put them through an extensive road test before putting they are allowed to be sold. They also take the time to show you how to properly maintain your new bike once you buy it from them, this weather you receive your bicycle in store or delivered to you. With great maintenance services, good bicycle selection, and a genuine care for the people that purchase bicycle from them, the Flying Pigeon Bicycle Shop should always be on your short list of shops in the Los Angeles area.

3714 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90042
Phone: (213) 909-8986

Cycle World Bikes

Open since 1966, Cycle World Bikes has diligently served the Greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas while gaining a good reputation. This reputation coming from their high quality equipment , great protective gear, and their professional and friendly customer service. This bike shop is open seven days a week, allowing them to provide you with their well versed knowledge base and service to aid you in your bicycle maintenance. This shop also can service you with whatever type of bicycle you would like, having options available for every type of rider. So if your anywhere near the San Fernando Valley and looking for a good bicycle, then don't hesitate Cycle World Bikes.

Northridge Location: 8627 Reseda Blvd. Northridge, CA 91324
Phone: (818) 349-6900

Chatsworth Location: 21112 Devonshire Street Chatsworth, CA 91311
Phone: (818) 349-6902


It doesn't matter what city you are in, there is always at least one classified option out there that has some really incredible deals on bicycles for sale by owners or shops. Just so happens that in the modern world these classified ads will be better placed online, and the majority of the time they will be placed on Craigslist. Here one can find any type of bicycle that they are looking for, and probably a good seller who is willing to give you a great bargain deal for the bicycle. Of course granted schemes are liable to happen, but that can happen anywhere. So in all if you are thinking about looking into classified ads for your next pre-owned bicycle, there really isn't that much better choice or any one coming in as close with its wide amount options as Craigslist.

September 14, 2011 8:27 PM | Biking

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