Where To Buy Used Bikes in Houston : Fixed Gear, Refurbished, Road, Mountain


Here's our Where To Buy Used Bikes in Houston Guide so you can get that Fixed Gear, Refurbished, Road, or Mountain Bike you so desire. Our Where To Buy Used Bikes in Houston Guide features the best sources for Fixed Gear, Refurbished, Road, and Mountain bikes from used bike shops in Houston.

For those living in the Houston area, you are certainly there at a great time. That is, if your a lover of bicycles and riding them. Recently, this spacious southern Texas city is in the midst of a great innovation of transforming into a more cyclist friendly city. This would prove to be a great and exciting challenge for those interested in cycling because of the large Houston landscape. Unlike a city like New York or Chicago, Houston is a city that doesn't continuously build sky high. Instead, this city expands by using the space around it. This puts destinations within the city at a great distance, which is perfect for the cyclist looking for the commute time that will really put a burn on them. Sadly though, the city has recently halted this innovation temporarily due to budget cuts. You can get involved by letting your Houston area government that you want your bicycle friendly city! While that is being done, here is a few bike stores where Houston residents can purchase a used, pre-owned, bicycle. Financial times are hurting many families, saving a dollar here and there really means a lot.

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Planetary Cycles


What gets your interest up about a bicycle shop? Is it a well knowledgeable staff? Is it a great level of customer satisfaction? Is it a warm and welcoming environment? Well if that suits you, if not then you seriously might want consider what you value in the experience you desire when you go into locations, then Planetary Cycles is the place to go to so you can be blown into another galaxy by how much you will like this shop. Customers continue to consistently come because of the shop's fast service, patience, knowledge level, honesty, and fairness. For those also looking to to turn in one of their old bikes, so that someone else can use it instead of it eventually ending up in a landfill, Planetary Cycles offers a trade in program. This being simply if you turn in your old bicycle you can purchase a new bicycle with a discounted rate based off the value estimated for the bicycle you are trading into the store.

4004 S. Braeswood Blvd.
@ Stella Link
Houston, TX 77025
Phone: 713-668-2300
Store Hours: M-F 10-7, Sat 10-6

Houston Bicycle Company


Sometimes what we really want in life, is never what we really need. With that being stated, lets take a look at Houston Bicycle Company. This bicycle shop has a few in the cycling community with mixed feelings. This is due to the fact at how well the store and staff handle customer interactions and the overall vibe one feels when they walk in. Customers have been known to quite assertively suggest in review of this shop that the staff is not very friendly and the atmosphere is nowhere near welcoming. However, the lone constant in every review is that the knowledge level and quality of work in this store is at a great level. I mean sure, sometimes it would be nice to get a smile slipped in every now and then, but quality is always more important than presentation. Houston Bicycle Company might now be the friendliest spot to walk in, but they are friendly enough and they offer a great quality in the service they provide.

404 Westheimer
Houston, Texas, 77006
Phone: 713-522-4622
Store Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday Noon-4pm]

I Cycle Bike Shop


Well, the consensus for this bicycle shop is that is a great find if you value high quality service matched with an equal amount of quality of customer experience. This great experience coming from a welly equipped staff in bicycle knowledge and experience. All customers here are treated with a great deal of respect and curtsey, no matter how much you intend on spending.

1503 W 18th Street
Houston, Texas 77008
Phone: 713-862-8520
Store Hours: 10-7 Mon-Fri, 10-6 Sat

Bikesport If you decide to get a NEW bike afterall


Bikesport is not your typical bicycle shop that you probably would see in your local neighborhoods today. While most around, much like in any city with a recent bicycle community interest boom, there aren't going to be too many stores with a good amount of longevity and community relevance. However, this is where Bikesport clearly sets itself apart from the competition by being in business for 32 years. Located conveniently near the heart of the city, its central location is well matching of its this establishments place in the community. The staff is a very knowledgeable group with a lot of experience, over 100 years collectively to be accurate, and they offer great customer service with a coating of friendliness.

2909 Joanel St.
Houston, TX 77027
Phone: 713-850-0250 or 800-472-6830
Store Hours: Tu-Fri-10-7, Sat-10-6, Sun -12-5, Closed Mondays

October 6, 2011 5:10 PM | Biking

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