Where To Buy Used Bikes in Chicago : Fixed Gear, Refurbished, Road, Mountain


Here's our Where To Buy Used Bikes in Chicago Guide for those of your who are looking for a used fixed gear, refurbished, road, or mountain bike. Our Where To Buy Used Bikes in Chicago Guide provides insight for all of you on a budget looking to buy a used fixed gear, refurbished, road, or mountain bike to get around town! The city of Chicago is a great living environment for anyone looking for a strong and active cyclist community. Chicago is a city dedicated to enabling/maintaining bicycle lanes and riding areas, a community of riders of all levels and riding needs, and people that just enjoy getting on their bicycle's and have fun. If there was a definition of a bicycle forward city, Chicago would most defiantly be a great example. Now with a city being so pro cycling there must be numerous bicycles being purchased every year, some for first time riders and more likely by riders with more years under their helmet. This is a great thing to have because this means there is a great selection of used bicycles to be found throughout the city. Since there are so many bicycle transactions occurring throughout the city on a regular basis, there has to be something done with the bicycles people no longer in use by those that purchase more current models. Well there is, many of Chicago's bicycle shops offer used/pre-owned selections in their stores. That is why in this article you will be able to find some of the best places in Chicago to purchase a used bicycle.

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The Recyclery


The Recyclery is a non-profit organization that does a lot of good for the cycling community, outside of selling used bicycles. The goal of The Recylery is to build a strong community though the restoration of used and/or donated bicycles. Everyone here shares resources and whatever knowledge they have to aid in the support for affordable, and self sustainable modes of transportation throughout the city that also help preserve the environment. They offer multiple programs for cyclist to get involved, meet new people, learn more about bicycles, and how to better care for your bicycles. These programs include Youth Programs, Overhaul & Tune-Up classes, Volunteer Hours, and Open Shop. For those only interested in purchasing used bicycles, then from 10am to noon they offer Saturday bicycle sales at their shop weekly. The Recyclery is not just a place to buy a new bicycle, or learn about better bicycle care, this is a strong community of people coming together to learn more about bicycles and do so in a fun loving environment.

The Recyclery Collective 7628 N Paulina Chicago, IL 60626 Subway: Howard
Phone: (773) 262-5900

Working Bikes Cooperative


Working Bikes Cooperative is another non-profit organization located in Chicago who's main purpose is to divert bicycles from going to waste in a landfill, but instead give them new life so that another cyclist enthusiast may find use in it. However, this organization does an extra step in the providing for the environment and community department. The profit from the sales of the bicycles they repair, or refurbish, goes toward the shipment of bicycles around the globe to those in need that can find more use and pleasure in these bicycles then we can over here in the states. Some of these countries include Panama, Cuba, Peru, the Gulf Coast, Ghana, and Tanzania. They also ship about an average of 500 bicycles and wheelchairs to those in need in the Chicago area. Working Bikes is completely volunteer driven, and the proceeds they receive from sales and their storefront is where they get the funds to support their projects. So if your looking for a great place to purchase a bicycle, and do some good by knowing your purchase will go toward helping someone who truly needs it, then Working Bikes is the place you need to be at. Don't forget to offer volunteer services when you can.

2434 S. Western Ave Chicago, IL 60608 Open Wed-Thu 12pm-7pm; Fri-Sat 12pm-5pm
Phone: (773) 847-5440

Easy Rider Bike Shop


Easy Rider may not be a non-profit organization whose goal is to aid the community though the restoration of used bicycles, but they still have a good selection of used bicycles to choose from in their store. Established in 1974, and still going strong, Easy Rider has been serving the Chicago bicycle community for over three decades. This is a full service bicycle shop where you can buy your bicycle, new or old, and can get it repaired no matter the bicycle's make. For those interested in trading up their current bicycle for a newer model, they have trade-in services. If your bicycle meets their qualifications then you can receive a discounted rate on your next bicycle purchase and one free tune up. If your looking for a bicycle shop to go to that offers good used bicycles, and can repair services for those less knowledgeable to do it themselves or don't have the time, then Easy Rider is the bicycle shop for you.

4119 N Lincoln Ave. Chicago IL 60618 Open Weekdays 10am-8pm; Sat
Phone: (773) 549-1240 10am-8:30pm; Sun 11am-6pm
Subway: Irving Park-Brown

Boulevard Bikes


Boulevard Bikes is a full service bicycle shop that has anything you'll need for your cycling journey throughout the city. If your looking for a used bicycle then your in luck, Boulevard Bikes is a great place to get your new used bicycle from. They also offer a full array of accessories for sale, and have great in store mechanic service. A side bonus of the great mechanics they have in store, they also offer great advice to riders. This advice being free of charge of course. You can also view their used bicycle selection for sale on their website, http://boulevardbikeshop.com/ .

North Kedzie Boulevard, Open Mon-Wed 10am-7pm; Thu 10am-8pm;
Chicago, IL 60647 Fri-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 12pm-5pm
Phone: (773) 235-9109 Subway: Logan Square


This is a more risky option, but at the same time it could be more rewarding. It doesn't matter what city you live in, going on Craigslist is always a great option for when you want to buy something someone is selling. Now mix that with the fact that Chicago is a major bicycle city and has different bicycles being rode and bought all the time, and you get the Chicago Craigslist classifieds for bicycles filled up with great deals all the time. The only problem is that you may encounter scams, and or robbery attempts. As long as you take all the proper precautions to ensure your safety, and don't bother with listings that seem sketchy to you, then you should be just fine.

August 30, 2011 8:11 PM | Biking

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