Where to Buy Cheap Bikes in Toronto : Fixie, Racing, Mountain, Bmx, Used


Here's our Where to Buy Cheap Bikes in Toronto including Fixie, Racing, Mountain, Bmx, and Used bikes guide. This Where to Buy Cheap Bikes in Toronto Guide includes lots of options for getting whatever kind of bike you want whether it's a fixie, racing, mountain, bmx, or just plain used bike. The city of Toronto is a beautiful place. It is a good mix of great atmosphere, people, and local sites(man made and nature wise) that easily would make you want to stop for a minute during your commute to take a glance around. However, you really can't do that in a car unless you want to cause a heavy traffic jam or deadly crash. So the best way to enjoy the area around you in Toronto, while getting to your destination in a timely manner, would be to go out a get on a bicycle of course. Toronto may not be as bicycle forward as the more prominent cities with bicycle amenities, like most cities, however it is slowly and surely growing to the increasing demand by its cities residents. That is why in this article you will be able to find some of the best bicycle shops available to one of North America's more popular great north destinations.

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Sweet Pete's


If you are the casual type of bicycle rider, commuter or leisurely type, then look no further than Sweet Pete's for you bicycle shop destination. This isn't a small mom and pop bicycle shop either, Sweet Pete's is located on a 4000 square foot space. This bicycle shop offers bicycles in all types of price ranges really, even up to the $4000 price range. However, the most common spending area for customers is $650 to $750. So if you are a high end rider then you can find something for you here too, but make sure to take note that this shop is more so directed toward the everyday rider instead of the sport cyclist.

There is a good diversity in number of bicycle brands sold here, you can find such names as: Trek, Giant, Kona and Opus. Also, the main type of bike making the most sales here are the city/hybrid types. So if your a local commuter and need to get a bicycle, then look no further than Sweet Pete's as your bicycle shop destination. Who knows, maybe this full service bicycle shop could become your sweet spot in the Toronto cycling community.

Two Locations

517 Bloor Street West (416.533.4225)

1204 Bloor St W, Toronto - (416) 533-4481

Duke's Cycles


Coming back from a recent six alarm fire, Duke's makes a strong comeback. With the new found second floor expansion, the store now has around 5000 square ft of floor space, and the layout is not too shabby either. A great feature of the new two level store is the separation of bicycle riders. By this I mean that Duke's has their store arranged so that commuters/everyday riders can find their bicycles on the first floor, and the more sport or higher end riders can find their bicycles on the second floor. The brand selection available here is also pretty good as well, a few names you can find include Trek, Cervelo, Kona, and Cannondale. The price range is also quite diverse here as well, bicycles start off at $500 and can get as high as $10,000+. So if your in the Toronto area looking for a bicycle shop that you can grow in as a rider, then Duke's Cycles is the optimal location for you.

625 Queen St W (416) 504-6138
Toronto, ON M5V 2B7, Canada

Bikes on Wheels


If there is one bike shop in Toronto that has that eccentric style and vibe of the city, then it is definitely Bikes on Wheels. This location, opened decades ago, was a spawn of the city of Toronto's growing need for centralized bicycle shop destination and slowly became a part of the city. Bikes on Wheels is now a Toronto cycling staple because of the nice and friendly customer service, staff knowledge, and affordable rates. The bicycle brand selection is as it should be, very diverse. They offer such brands as NORCO, FBM BIKE CO., FUJI, IRO, LEADER, MARINONI, SURLY VOULME BIKE CO., OPERA, ALL CITY, AND LINUS. It doesn't matter what type of bicycle rider you are here, you will surely find a bicycle that will suit your needs.

309 Augusta Avenue (416) 966-2453
Toronto, ON M5T 2M2, Canada

Broadway Cycle


This nice little bicycle shop located on 1222 Bloor St W is most known for being a real jack of all trades bicycle shops in the Toronto area. By this I am referring to how unlike most bicycle shops in the area that generally cater to their main selection of bicycles to one particular type of rider, they offer selections for riders of all types. The only downside to this great aspect of this stores authenticity in Toronto is that the selection is a little bit to be desired. However, that should be expected when you are trying to cater to every possible market of rider in a city as diverse as Toronto's cycling community is. The price range you can find at this bicycle shop is from $400 to $10,000. So if you want a shop that you can bring all your different rider types of friends/associates can go to, or family members, to and satisfy everyone then you don't have to look further then Broadway Cycle.

1222 Bloor St West (416) 531-1028
Toronto, ON M6H 1N3, Canada

Urbane Cyclist


If your in the Toronto area, and only want to go to what is generally always brought up in every conversation of the best bicycle shop in Toronto, then you have to check out the Urbane Cyclist shop. For those located in the Toronto area that use bicycles as their main mode of transportation, Urabane Cyclist is the top destination. This is so because of their awesome full year service and dedication to these type of riders. As far as brands go, they have a lot of diversity. In addition to that, they also make their own brand of bicycles sold at their shop called Urbanites.

The price range that can be found here is between $400 to $2000, this is before any possible customization comes into play. However, the well knowledgeable staff here will kindly recommend that you spend at least $600 to ensure that no necessary upgrades will be needed. If your a city rider looking for a shop that has a well knowledgeable and diverse staff, that will truly make your experience great, then look no further than Urbane Cyclist.

180 John St. (416) 979 9733
Toronto | Ontario | Canada
M5T 1X5

August 18, 2011 3:35 PM | Biking

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