What To Wear To Paintball


Paintball is a sport that divides people when it comes to what to wear. Most places provide protective overalls, but itís what to wear underneath that no one can agree on. If you see people wearing thick jumpers and long trousers in the heat of summer, then itís because they want protection from the welt-inducing hits. If you see people in shorts and t-shirt in the cold frost of morning, then theyíre going for ease of flexibility and keeping cool.


It is always a good idea to be protected, but you donít want to put layer upon layer until you canít move. That would defeat the purpose of paintball! A thin layer will take the sting out of a hit, but will mean that you can still move about properly and youíll keep cool too. Ideally, use base layers to keep you cool but still have that little bit of protection that you need. You could use padding, such as chest protectors and arm pads, which are designed to protect those who like to play rough.\

Some centres provide gloves, but if youíre not sure, then itís better to bring your own just in case- a hit to the knuckles can really sting.


Shoes are among the most important components of paintballing. Get the shoes wrong and you wonít last long. You need a pair of shoes that will give you good ankle support, are not open toed and are waterproof, and most of all, comfortable. They should be a pair that you donít mind getting extremely muddy. Magnum boots from Nightgear are lightweight, athletic high tops that are a favorite with the like of the FBI. If they arenít the perfect boots for paintballing, what are?


Youíll be spending the whole day running, jumping, diving out the way of paint, so flexibility is important. Youíre likely to already to have an overall on, so you donít want to impede your flexibility by wearing too much. On the other hand, wear too little and you could come away bruised!


Keeping cool is imperative when youíre playing paintball. As above, there is a lot of exercise, and while you donít have to be physically fit, it does require a lot of energy, so you get quite hot. Wearing lots of layers for protection purposes might seem like a good idea beforehand, but as you begin the game, it will soon lose its appeal.

May 23, 2013 12:31 PM | Paintball


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