What Do You Look For in a Pair of Fishing Boots?


Just as with any sport, what you wear whilst fishing has a direct impact upon how successful you are, and also how comfortable you are. The right pair of fishing boots can help an angler to stay safe, dry and warm, whereas an unsuitable pair of boots can do much more damage than good. Some amateur anglers even head out wearing no more than a pair of trainers or flip flops. Whilst this is all very well and good for people who are just casually fishing for fun, people who fish for food or sport need footwear which is much more reliable.

Maximize Your Material

The first thing you should look for, when choosing a pair of high quality fishing boots, is the material they are made of. Years and years ago, waterproof footwear would have been made from oiled skin and fur. These days we have much more choice, and one of the most popular materials for fishing boots is neoprene. This lightweight material is also superbly insulating, and will help to keep your legs and feet warm on chilly days. Rubber is usually combined for a hardwearing design that will keep you dry, no matter where you’re standing or in what weather.

Only the Best Will Do

Of all the different type of rubber and neoprene boots available, the Fladen Neoprene Boots are possible the best quality and value for money you’ll find. The heavy tread helps you stay safe on slippery surfaces, and they’re known for being extremely comfortable. If you’re interested in finding some great quality Fladen Neoprene Boots, for a very reasonable price, visit Fishing Hut today.

Other Types of Fishing Footwear

Although they’re the most popular, and tend to be the most highly recommended, not all professional or sporting fishermen will wear knee boots. Some choose instead to wear high quality boots which cover just their feet, like a trainer, but which retain all the properties of a sturdy knee high boot. This means they’ll be waterproof as well as insulating, and have good grip on the soles. Perhaps better for the summer months, these are a good choice for anyone who isn’t intending to wade or – if they are – doesn’t mind getting the lower parts of their legs wet.

August 21, 2013 9:18 PM | Guides

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