Top Tips on Purchasing Golf Clubs for Women


With any golfer, it really helps to understand your swing characteristics, measurements and above all experience in order to select the perfect club. With this in mind, here are some top tips for selecting the right clubs for women.

Swing Speed

Women generally have a slower swing speed than men and this affects the specifications of the clubs that you may need in your set. For many women, they often find it easier to replace the lower irons (ie, 3, 4 and 5 irons) with a hybrid club. Hybrids tend to be easier to hit and allow you to get greater distance on your shot. In fact as a rule of thumb, the hybrid club with the lowest number should allow you to hit the ball somewhere between 10-15 yards less than the highest numbered wood. A titanium club face with graphite shaft will also help with your golfing swing.

Picking the Right Type of Iron

As a general rule of thumb, women who have a lesser swing speed prefer a six or seven iron as their longest iron. In addition, look for irons with a deep back cavity, perimeter-head weighting and rounded sole. All of these characteristics are designed to be less forgiving and have the ability to connect with the ball easier, thus finding that all important sweet spot. This in turn helps to strike the ball straighter and send it further. In addition a lob wedge may also be a good idea as it allows for more loft but less distance. Itís an ideal club if you are reasonably close to a green, but need to hit over rough ground, water or bunkers.

Take a Look at your Putter

Clearly one of the most important clubs in any golferís collection is the putter. A standard womenís putter is 33 inches in length. This is made for ladies around 5ft 5 inches. If you are considerably shorter or taller than this, then you need to consider testing a number of putters of differing lengths and finding out which one feels the most comfortable to use.

The Best isnít Always the Most Expensive

You may already know that golf clubs can vary tremendously in price, ranging from reasonable to very expensive. One thing to remember is that just because a club is more expensive, it doesnít necessarily mean that it will automatically improve your game. Instead you may want to look at buying clubs that contain all the characteristics needed to help your game. Whether this is a graphite shaft, perimeter-head weighting, or hybrid replacement club, if it works out cheaper and it feels right, then this is the club you should buy.

Womenís golf clubs have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years in terms of technology, and as such thereís a great deal of choice on the market. If you can identify the features that you need in a club to help improve your game, then this is half the battle in making the right choice of club for you. You can find a range of golf clubs from

April 29, 2013 2:42 PM | Golf

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