Top Most Expensive Sports To Play When You're Rich


Here's the top most expensive sports to play so you can dream up all the fun you're going to have when you invent the next Facebook. These top most expensive sports don't pertain to those of us that simply just pick up a ball, put on our shoes, call up some people to play with or meet people at the place your playing at, and everything is okay to play our favorite sport. While some people may only have to pay maybe twenty dollars for a ball and the price of their shoes to partake in their favorite sport, others have a tad bit more spending to do. In this case the word tad means thousands more, in some cases millions. In this article, you will be able to find some of the most expensive sports a person could play.

Horse Racing

Anyone unfamiliar with the world of horse racing, has no clue into how much money is put into this sport. The horses that you see racing cost millions of dollars, and that is not even the tip of the iceberg here. The millions you would spend on a horse is nothing, once compared to all the other expenses one must pay in order to apart of this highly lucrative sport. To be a participator in addition to purchasing your horse, there is a lot more money that needs to be spent. Interested parties must then buy training facilities, stables, and a strong and dedicated staff to take care and monitor the horses daily activities.

Yacht Racing

By looking at the name, one can easily assume that this is just a pass time of spoiled rich kids with more time on their hands they can handle, or the ones just dying to be reckless. Despite the spoiled rich kid vibe one can easily get from the title, and the fact that some actually do this regularly, Yacht Racing is an actual sport. However, you might still want to have a a good amount of millions in your bank account before you go out trying to get into Yacht Racing. The yachts alone typically go for millions, then add in a few more for customizations, then you have to hire the best crew you can assemble. The people that will work on your yacht for a racing team are not in the sport simply for the love of it, they are pretty expensive. If you can somehow find the money to become a player in Yacht Racing, and you love being on the water, this may just be the sport for you.

Competition Flying


Have you ever just looked into the clouds, stopped and stared for a minute only to think about how cool it would be to be able to race planes? Well, that actually is a sport. Competition Flying is a great sport activity for pilots looking to test their flying skills against others, or just a way to get the fun back in flying they had when they first started. However, as we all know freedom comes a a high price. The cost to play this sport is rather high. You have to put money into your crew on the ground, fuel, maintenance, flying lessons, insurance, a couple thousand for a parachute, and you can't do competition flying without first having a plane to fly. One may want to be able to fly high in the sky so bad, and do it while getting the thrill of a race, but its gonna cost you.



The sports Polo and Horse Racing have a lot in common with each other. They both involve million dollar pure breed horses, the cost of upkeep for these horses are more than double the prices of these horses, and are usually comprised of the wealthier communities with millions to spare. There are a couple main differences between them though. These being that Polo is a team sport, and that you can't just stop at one horse and rider. To get involved in Polo, unless you are actually on the team playing on the field, you have to pay for your entire team. This includes all the horses, the stable, the players salaries, the maintenance crew, health staff, uniforms, and more. With all the money associated in this sport, its easy to see why its rare to see a regular pick up game in your local park.

Race Cars


Nascar, Formula 1, etc., it doesn't matter which racing circuit you decide to race in, but the good thing is all you have to worry about is the price of the car. However, if you think you can get off by using a less than $100,000 car you are sadly mistaken. In actuality, the car alone you'll need, if you want to be able to actually compete, is gonna run you about a couple of million dollars. Then you have to pay for repairs, extra parts, and your pit crew. Well, there is another bright side. At least if your a really good driver, or hire one, you can get enough sponsorship money to cover all your costs and even put some pack in your pocket.

Bird Shooting


Okay, by just looking at the name of the sport it is kinda implied that it won't cost that much to join up in. All that is needed is a good rifle, and practice to develop a reliable aim and shot, and your set. This couldn't be more wrong. Your probably gonna need about 10 top notch rifles, if you really want to do this, that run in the area of $30,000 each. You'll also want to make sure that you have your license to go bird shooting, unless you like the inside of a jail cell of course. Another thing to take note of is that in some circles this is a very traditional sport. By traditional, I mean that they perform it as if it was back when the sport became a regular practice. You may need official attire, horse drawn carriages, and a trailer for transportation for the horses.

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August 4, 2011 7:40 PM | Guides

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