The Future of Cars Revealed


Technology is evolving at breakneck speed these days. And although motor technology might not have delivered the solar-powered flying cars we were promised in the 1950s and ’60s, manufacturers are on track and delivering us future cars in a more subtle way. Let’s take a look at the future of the car and which new technology is already here.

The electric car: The world is constantly searching for a solution to the dangerous emissions that our cars have been pumping into the environment for decades (and continue to do so). However, the solution was already with us – the first four-wheeled electric car was actually patented in 1888 – it just made a comeback, is all. Although the batteries in electric cars can be expensive to replace, these cars are a lot cheaper to run than those that do so on petrol or diesel. And they’re not slow either – see here for the story where a new electric car breaks the speed record.

Hybrid Air Car: What better fuel for a car than air? It’s free, renewable and in pretty good supply. Here is Peugeot’s new Hybrid Air (above) – managing 80 miles to the gallon and with a built-in hydraulic pump, this may well be the car of the future. Using a combination of air and petrol, the car is said to be comfortable and affordable, and will be with us in the near future.

Smart cars: Not everybody needs a huge car with lots of seats – and some people actually prefer just two. Smart cars are cheap to run because of their size, and they slip into those parking spots that are just that bit too small for the standard car. In other words, they make big city parking and driving a lot easier.

Self-driving cars: A lot of today’s cars have certain features that wield more control than to driver – we’re talking cruise control, parking sensors and automatic cars. But what if a car was to drive itself? These self-driving cars are currently under development by companies such as Google Inc and Ford have been test driving their vans using robots.

Budget cars: With a lot of the new technology set to be incorporated into our future cars, you might think budget alternatives will go the way of the penny farthing, but developers are constantly working to create cheaper cars. You should also remember that buying cars upfront isn't the only option, so you could consider a new and used car loans service and pay the car off in installments..

Although the flying car may still not be a staple of everyday life (for now), it seems cars are generally getting faster, more eco-friendly, and considerably more intelligent, so who knows what the future holds? We may be flying to work sooner than we think.

Pic Via CNET

July 10, 2013 10:53 AM | Vehicles

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