The Cyclist Recycled Bike Sculpture In Santa Rosa, Ca


This Cyclisk Recycled Bike Sculpture was recently installed up the road in Santa Rosa. This sixty-foot-high (five-story) obelisk was designed by Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector and is made entirely from recycled bicycles, though it was commissioned by Nissan, so why not cars haha? The maximum project budget was "$37,000 and includes expenses related to design development, engineering, collecting and disassembling bike parts from nonprofit bike bicycle groups, insurance, fabrication, special inspections, transportation, installation of the artwork, and all other project-related expenses. The project is funded by Nissan of Santa Rosa to fulfill their "1% for Art" requirement." The artists put this one together in a couple of months and vuala!

"Made of recycled bicycle gears, rims, frames and hoops, [Cyclisk] will be a series of intersecting rhythms ? a visual metaphor for the human experience ? technology and the humanities ? history and the future ? individual and collective. Evoking a ?world of possibilities,? it will be a work communicating to all walks of life ? all ages, relevant for years to come....?

"When we looked at the spot, it seemed like something tall was needed on this odd little shape of land in Santa Rosa. That got me thinking about the Circus Maximus," Grieve explained. "At the end of Santa Rosa Avenue, it felt like a visual turning point on the road. We want to add to Santa Rosa a visual landmark that would have enough presence to compete visually with the surrounding environment."

Spector added, "Collecting unusable parts from the debris piles of nonprofit community bike projects has proven to be a win-win; community bike DIY places are thrilled unusable parts are not becoming land fill and the City is psyched the sculpture will solidify Santa Rosa as bike-friendly."

September 10, 2010 11:11 AM | Random

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