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This year (2011) has been an epic year for the latest sport technology and gadgets and some of this stuff might even turn out to be revolutionary sports gear. Innovative sport technology and gadgets are constantly evolving as the athletes evolve themselves and these innovations will mostly all prove to make athletes more efficient, if they catch on that is. We've picked out the gear and gadgets that we thought was ground-breaking and will blow your mind, or at least make you say "gotta have that" or "gotta try that". Check out our picks for 2011.

WaveJet Powered Surfboard


The WaveJet Powered Surfboard is a personal water propulsion device which features technology that may blow the surfing industry out of the water, once they can make their boards affordable that is ($4500).


As far as efficiency, WaveJet surfboards have got a good running start with their technology. They're powered by an integrated twin-lithium ion battery pack gadget, and are capable of pumping out 20 pounds of thrust which moves you 2 to 3 times faster than paddling a surfboard. Sounds good right? As far as the website states, the boards are also safe, quiet and light, and useful in shallow water.


A charge up through a standard wall socket provides a full battery or 30 minute of propulsion time. This is one place they can really work on, since most surfers spend 2-4 hours in the water on average (estimate). Wavejets will come out in 3-4 different board styles. You can pre-order yours here.

Adidas miCoach


Adidas has come out with the Adidas miCoach ($70-$140), which is a fitness activity tracking system gadget parallel to Nike+, though it gives you more data about your run including heart rate information and comes with "coach" voices to guide you through workouts.


The system gives you to choice of one or both devices including the miCoach Pacer which checks your effort and keeps you on track with real-time audible feedback and guidance. Are you more of a visual person? Then the miCoach Zone is for you. If you want you can combine the two for the ultimate training experience. There's also a feature-rich miCoach Mobile application for your cell if you choose and a online workout manager for post-work out analyzing.


Plus, thanks to a recent collaboration between THQ and Adidas, if you've already got one of the MiCoach heart-rate monitors, you'll be able to use it for real-time feedback when playing the training games, plus sync your stats with the available cell apps. Celebrity sport-stars signed up to be "trainers" in the fitness program games include Dwight Howard, Kaka, Tyson Gay, Jessica Ennis, Ana Ivanovic and Eric Berry.

Jetlev-Flyer Water Powered Jetpack


So jetpacking technology has been around since the days of the old Iron Man comics, but this
is a new spin on the old concept. The 30-pound pack is powered by water and uses its' 33-foot-long, four-inch-diameter polyester-and-rubber hose to suck up the water below, digest it, and pump you up into the air.


A production version of this water powered jetpack will come with a 260hp engine that can send you going 35mph and three stories high.


Off course, this kind of jetpack can only be used over water. Right now the rumored price is somewhere around 129,000 Euros. Which is quite a lot of dough. But hey, whens the last time you saw a jet pack at Walmart? MS Sports.


Push Snowboarding = Nokia + Burton


When you're playing a snowboarding video game all your stats are either on the screen or you can play back your ride to better your next ride. In the same way Push Snowboarding, a collaboration by Nokia + Burton, has made this possible in the real world.


The guys behind this technology want everyone to have a Push kit in the future to turn every mountain into there own board park.


With this technology you'll be able to track all your awesome tricks and snowboarding achievements and digitally share them online.

UnderArmour E39 Electronic Sensor Shirt


Heres a cool way athletes are monitoring their health stats. This Under Armour Electronic Sensor Shirt boasts a removable sensor pack "the bug" gadget near the sternum which provides instant feedback on things like your breathing rate, heart rate, temperature, movements etc.


These shirts sound like a great way for athletes to have more efficient training and workouts. Look for this these to be out 2012.

Orca 3.8 Swimming Wetsuit


The Orca 3.8 Swimming Wetsuit ($539) is unique with its' Core Equilibrium system technology which consists of 5mm panels of Yamamoto AeroDome neoprene around the torso area of the wetsuit.


The suit makes the core of your body 30% more buoyant with hundreds of air cavities trapped within the neoprene and places your legs and torso in an optimum swimming position. It also features HydroLift Buoyancy Cells to lift your arms through the water, and a AquaTread forearm panel which increases stroke power. Looks like swimming is becoming more and more efficient thanks to the help of these fish-like suits.



The BPG-Werks DTV Shredder is no ordinary "scooter" as looks like something out of Halo with its' badass, agile, tank treads. These treads can make circles four feet in diameter and take on slopes as steep as 40 degrees!


The military is even interested and "Single soldiers operating the DTV Shredder can cover more ground at an unprecedented efficiency. The DTV Shredder, which can handle any terrain at high speeds, was built as a first response, modular platform to better equip the soldier - especially in crisis situations. It's low center of gravity and rugged design make it ideal for a wide variety of applications including: reconnaissance, rescue and recovery, mobile surveillance, offensive platform, medical evacuation and rapid response."


BPG Werks is currently developing a militarized version of the DTV Shredder with the United States Air Force Academy.


Offcourse, the shredder is not only for military purposes and caters to extreme sports junkies as well. It's also very cool how it can be controlled remotely or hold assault weapons on its frame. You can pre-order it now with a $250 deposit. You're looking at $2500. No word on when it'll be out, but we're hoping soon!

Martin Jetpack


The guys at Martin say that the Martin Jetpack is "the world's first practical jetpack" which "consists of a purpose-built gasoline engine driving twin ducted fans which produce sufficient thrust to lift the aircraft and a pilot in vertical takeoff and landing, enabling sustained flight."


The jetpack itself consists of a "purpose-built gasoline engine driving twin ducted fans which produce sufficient thrust to lift the aircraft and a pilot in vertical takeoff and landing, enabling sustained flight." It can climb to a height of 5,000 feet, and reach speeds of up to 63 mph.


There are currently two versions of the Martin Jetpack in the final stages of development including an unmanned remote-controlled (UAV) version is well advanced in its development, with field trials expected to begin in the second quarter of 2011. If these go into mainstream production you'll be looking at around $100,000.

Recon Goggles With In-goggle Gps Display


Ever thought, "hey why do i have to stop to open up my trail map?" These Recon GPS Goggles provide trail maps and other real time statistics including speed, altitude, vertical, total distance odometers, run-counter, temperature, stopwatch/chrono mode, and clock stats right in the goggle lens.


They come with a 15mm diagonal micro display as well as a Polarized lens, permanent in-molded anti-fog lens, helmet-compatible design, and wide vision frame


Looks like they are sold out for the current season due to overwhelming demand and the next shipment is coming fall 2011. If you really want a pair you can try local stores or ebay.

nPower PEG Kinetic Energy Charger


Charging your gadgets can be a pain when on the trail even if u have a solar charger. The nPower Peg charges your gadgets (compatible with over 3,000 hand-held electronic devices) with your own kinetic energy as you're being active. Just stick the nPower in a backpack pocket and you're off.


The conversion of movement for energy of the nPowerPEG is about 1 minute of talk time on an iPhone 3G or iPhone 4 for every 26 minutes you walk. It's also possible to prime the battery by charging it with the induced USB cable. The military has also taken interest in this technology for soldiers to employ while on the move.


The nPowerPEG, which retails for $159.99 (USD), is currently sold out, but you can reserve yours here.

June 6, 2011 9:09 PM | Technology

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