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Here's a guide on the best, healthy and cool sport activities for kids because sports and kids are becoming a more common less than frequent combination these days. We also wrote this sport activities for kids guide because with all the time consuming enjoyments(video games, social networks, television, online games, smartphones, iPods, tablets, Android devices, etc.) these days, it is easy to see why this is becoming a more trending separation. However, at the end of the day we all know that everything that is growing in popularity is not right for us. Well this trending use of time by today's children is leading our bright young minds down the life road of obesity, and unhealthy lifestyle habits. That is why in this article you will find the best, healthy and cool sport options to get the kids of today off their electronic devices and back outside doing physical activity like we all did growing up.

Martial Arts

Ask any parent what they would like their children to learn and truly appreciate, and they will probably generically say the same thing. This being in the area of discipline, self control, humility, inner peace, respect for themselves and others, and dedication. These are all the traits associated with the progression through martial arts. Martial arts have become a popular option for all, much do to mixed martial arts, as a way to get fit and learn how to defend themselves. However unlike what you see in MMA, there is a lot more to traditional martial arts then learning a few moves and calling yourself a practitioner of that art.

Martial arts provide children a place where they can harness their physicality and aggression into a positive form and not get in trouble for showing it. Through the years of hard training they will learn all those great traits every parent wants their kids to have, which will truly benefit them in their adult years. The only downside to putting your child in martial arts classes is that there are a lot of low quality schools around that really don't teach the principles of their art as they should. Schools like this are more concerned with collecting your money, and maybe how well they do in tournaments. Just check around a bit first, and then choose the martial arts school that offers the best vibe.



Soccer, or better known as Football to the world outside of the United States, is by far the world's most popular sport. It is very physically demanding, requiring its athletes to properly understand and practice proper nutrition and health habitats on a daily basis. Outside of the physical commitment this sport requires, it is really a fun sport for kids to try out. Soccer, Football, offers a great cardiovascular exercise, commitment to lower body strength, a great strategic analysis development, and a greater appreciation for teamwork.

This appreciation for teamwork will surely carry over into their adult work life, which is a vital part of any form of employment despite the level. This is a fun sport for all types of children, and is a great way to introduce them to a more global appreciation. This is so because of Soccer's, Football's, international appeal.



Another internationally popular sport, Tennis is a great way to introduce the youth into sport activity. This widely growing in popularity sport is a great teacher of things like hand eye coordination, strategy, and diversity of talents. Tennis is a very fast paced sport, and requires complete focus on the game to be able to properly take in what is going on and produce a strategy that will lead to victory. The physical requirements of this sport will also allow for your kids to develop a strong core, upper body, and lower body. A side benefit for tennis, is that it will teach kids an appreciation for individuality.

This appreciation comes from the fact that no tennis player can use the exact same gear as another and get the same feel and results. Every player has to fine tune their racket to suit their playing style and natural abilities to come up with the best results.



What could be more fun for a kid than to be able to spend time in a cool and relaxing pool while getting a great exercise in? Lets face it, no matter what generation it is all kids love to go have fun in pools. Well a great idea to use that interest is to get them involved in an organized sport related to this. This could be something like Olympic style speed swimming or diving. Either one will surely catch a kids interest and get them in great shape at the same time. Swimming is also a great sport because it utilizes the entire body, unlike most sports. It also is a less harmful, or damaging, to the body because of the water environment it is held in.



You might wanna put all the little cute notions you have about this sport away before really looking into it. If not, your in for a rude awakening. Gymnastics is one of the most physically demanding, and dangerous, sports around when competed at its highest level. The high levels of strength, speed, flexibility, time management, and appearance consideration is a lot to take in. Athletes of this sport typically start young, and then if they have Olympic hope, begin to spend most of their young lives dedicated to the sport. For female athletes the window for success is quite short, not lasting much long after teen years. Males on the other hand, have a bit more longevity in this sport.

Despite that, this is still a fun sport for kids, male and female, to give a shot. It is a great way to be able to tech flexibility, proper presentation skills, proper appearance management, and a lot more life skills they will eventually need. It also gives parents to call their girls "o so cute" and "adorable" while they prance around in their leotards. Your young guys will also get a great upper body workout too.

Remember to always try out different sports since not each one is right for each kid. Take the time to explore and see which one they are good at and enjoy. This will lead to a lot of benefits along the way of them partaking it. It will also remove the feeling of parental pressure they might feel when being asked to take up sports by a parental figure.

August 1, 2011 10:55 AM | Health Safety

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