Snowboard Storage Rack - 5 Best Racks to Store Your Snowboard

A Snowboard Storage Rack will give your board a proper place to rest and will prolong the life and quality of your board. Snowboard Storage Racks help save precious space and ensures that your boards will last longer because you won't be throwing them around the garage all winter. Plus, they help keep boards dry and protect them from rust and mold. We have researched the best Snowboard Racks so you don't have to. Below are the 5 Best Racks we found...

Snowboard Suspension Rack by Bordz-Up


The Snowboard Suspension Rack by Bordz-Up is all about displaying your board instead of your rack. It features a three point gripping system that will hold and firmly your snowboards or longboards in place without scratching, warping, or otherwise harming your board. The Suspension Rack by Bordz-Up basically uses gravitational force being generated by the weight of the board into horizontal pressure, which then firmly locks the board in place. The display system automatically fits the unique size and shape of your board, leaving only the pressure points visible. It Holds 1 snowboard or 1 longboard 6.5 inches to 11.75 inches or 16.5cm to 29.85cm wide. The whole contraption comes in one piece which makes installation easy. Buy this by Snowboard Storage Rack by Bordz-Up for a price of $53

PowerGrip Ski and Snowboard Storage Rack


The PowerGrip Ski and Snowboard Storage Rack is your best choice if you want an affordable rack that can anything from skis, snowboards, shovels to other other awkwardly shaped items. When mounted vertically, the clampshoes on the PowerGrip can accommodate a width of 1.75 inches and hold up to 22 pounds. The textured rubber surface will hold tightly without damaging skis or tools. All mounting hardware and instructions included. Buy this PowerGrip Rack for a price of $13.

Rubbermaid 5G81 FastTrack Winter Sports Rack


The Rubbermaid 5G81 FastTrack Winter Sports Rack is good choice if you want to store more than just your snowboard. The FastTrack Winter Sports Rack stores two snowboards or two sets of skis/poles and one pair of boots. This one is more of a hassle because it has to be attached to existing Rubbermaid FastTrack rails which are sold separately, but is a good option if you want to create more than one sports rack. It's made of premium materials for sturdy, heavy duty construction, the rack is built to last. Buy this Rubbermaid 5G81 FastTrack Winter Sports Rack for a price of $15. Don't forget to get the Rubbermaid FastTrack rails for a price of $16-$21.

RAX 4x4 Snowboard Display and Storage Rack


If you have a little more money to spend and want to buy an eco-friendly product you should get a RAX 4x4 Snowboard Display and Storage Rack. These furniture quality racks feature a simple but clever design that will save floor space as well as look great on your wall. RAX are built only from all second growth cedar and do not use any treated lumber or mineral based finishes. They also calculate the design of their products to achieve the least amount of waste. Plus, all wood shavings and wood waste is then re-used for kitty litter, trail paths and firewood. All left over pipe is recycled. Each RAX 4x4 Snowboard Display is Individually Handmade and requires no assembly. Choose from your RAX holding 1-8 snowboards. Buy this RAX 4x4 Snowboard Display and Storage Rack for a price of $75-$230.

Surf Trunks Single Display Rack


If you're just looking for a stylish way to store your board in the off season or in your room the Surf Trunks Single Display Rack is a great choice. The Single Display Rack by Surf Trunks is wesigned to organize and display your surfboards and other toys, and are made from fourteen ply laminated birch for strength as well as cool earthy appeal. Installation is easy requiring only household tools and a few minutes. Mounting hardware and instructions included. Buy this Surf Trunks Single Display Rack for a price of $70.

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January 3, 2009 7:40 PM | Snowboarding

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