Skate Parks In The World : 8 Coolest, Best and Largest


We've organized a list of skate parks in the world by the 8 coolest, best and largest. These coolest, best and largest skate parks in the world prove that the sport has only exponential growth potential and that the extreme sport that was once only considered a pass time and mode for rebellious youths known as skateboarding, is no longer that. Well it is still frequently associated with rebellious young people, but it is much more widespread in popularity and profitability. Now it is easy to find a kid one day having fun on their skateboard and the next second they are on a professional circuit making a career out of a once disregarded sport. Skateboarding's reach is not just withing the boarders of the United States, it is truly a global phenomenon. There are young people of all ages in places like Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Japan, and the rest of the world. You would be hard-pressed to find a country that does not have a strong and supportive community of skateboard fanatics. That is why in this article, you will find some of the top global skating.

SkateLab Indoor Skatepark and Museum, Atlantic Beach, Florida


To be a top global skating destination you have to have to offer a lot more than what the common park has. By having a bowl, a half pipe, and a couple of rails, your not even trying to compete. To be a top destination for skateboarders, a place where they would feel that they have to come here and attempt every trick they know and ones they don't, you have to go the extra mile. In that ideology, one would have a difficult time trying to locate a skate park that better understands this than SkateLab located in the sunny Atlantic Beach, Florida area.

SkateLab (above) is probably one of the most unique skating destinations you can find. Skatelab is a massive collection rails, jumps, verts, and bowls, to offer skateboarders great enjoyment. However, that is not the main thing that sets it apart. The greatest aspect of this place is that it is both indoor and outdoor. By having two equally fun and adventurous terrains for skateboarders to choose from, there is never a mention of the word boredom.

Black Pearl Skate Park, Cayman Islands


What experience do you want from the skate park you visit? Is it good quality ramps, verts, and bowls? Is it a place where the people want to skateboard just because it looks cool and they can't get in? All these qualities can't be satisfied by simply one skate park, but the quality of the park is easily more than satisfiable at the Black Pearl Skate Park. The location of this skating area being the lovely Cayman Islands.


The Black Pearl Skate Park was designed by the world renowned Michael McIntyre. This skate park is one of the largest, quite possibly the largest, outdoor skate parks in the world. The park is broken down into three main areas, based on experience. There is a place for beginners, intermediates, and experts to enjoy themselves based on their skill set and abilities. Each level has lessons offered so that skateboarders riding at this park can always up their abilities and get better. Outside of all these great reasons why a skateboarder would want to go there, there is one that stands out. This being the scenery. The Black Pearl Skate Park is located on the wonderful tropical Cayman Islands, add that in with some awesome skateboarding terrain and you'll have trouble thinking of a solid reason why you would want to leave.

SMP Skate Park, Shanghai, China


Just because a country is under communist rule, does not mean that there is not a completely insane place for skateboarders to do their thing undisturbed by that tiny little detail.


The SMP Skate Park is by far one of China's most cherished and praised skateboarding destinations. This massive 44,936 square foot skateboarding wonderland, the largest skate park in China, has a lot more to offer than being a great skateboarding paradise. This is clearly shown in its high volume of international appeal. This international appeal has led to the international skating competition known as "The Showdown." There is also ample viewing space for non skateboarders to take in all the amazing happening on that board with four wheels.

Playstation Skate Park, London, UK


If you like your skateboarding environment a little grimy location, kinda difficult to understand why its located there, and that authentic vibe of skateboarding offered, then this is the place in the UK for you. The Playstation Skate Park has a rather unique location. It is conveniently underneath central London's busy Westway, close to where it crosses Portobello Road. This park is also the home of the entire country's only vert ramp, not a typo. In addition, the concrete pillars supporting the park also might provide the occasional breeze. Something of great interest for those that are planning to be hard at work for long hours on their skateboards here. If your ever in UK and want to skateboard in a truly unique location, or just want to use a vert ramp, you literally have to come here.

Marseille Skate Park, France


Skateboarding mixed in with urban art is a great combination, and no other skate park understands this better than the Marseille Skate Park located in the lovely country of France. The skateboarding options here are pretty standard of an outdoor skate park. The park is mainly comprised of the skating options bowls and rails. However, the main draw to this place is the awesome graffiti art all over the place.


This skate park is unique in that the graffiti art is not just a side attraction, it is actually a part of the park. Every inch of every bowl is beautifully tagged with graffiti art that will surely put anyone with any level of appreciation of art in utter amazement. It may also may make them want to pick up a skateboard, but that is a more than welcome side affect.

Amazing Square Skate Park, Tokyo, Japan


This skate park is something like the Walmart of skate parks to the Japanese skateboarders. This being that it is open 24 hours, and you can get a wide variety of skating options all in one place. Everything one would think a skate park would need, it is literally here. This includes one of the more popular areas, a massive half pipe. So hop on your skateboard and enjoy all the rails, ramps, stairs, bowl, and half pipe action you possibly can handle in Japan while enjoying the Amazing Square Park.

Millennium Skate Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


If your skateboarding journey would ever take you to Canada, then you absolutely have to stop by the amazing Millennium Skate Park in Calgary, Alberta. This park is open 24 hours, and has a great assortment of entertaining skateboarding locations/options to keep every skateboarder happy here. The most amazing part is not that it is an outdoor skate park in one of the coldest, and constant snow/ice plagued, country in North America. It's that admission into this place is FREE! Skateboarders get to enjoy all the fun with the bowl, wall rides, quarter pipe, full pipe, and more, at no cost to them. This being without having to sneak in of course.

Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park, California


It wouldn't be a proper list of the best places in the world without mentioning California, especially considering all the great places one can find to skateboard here. However, at this time all the focus is centered on the Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park. Simply put, this place is truly a unique experience. Probably what makes this park so special is its full pipe. The full pipe found at this location is measured a massive 70 feet long, and 22 feet wide.


If that is not enough to amaze you, then there are also bowls, pools, thimbles, cradles, a mega wall and a street course. Spectators can also watch for free, after signing a release waiver of course. If your ever in California, doesn't really matter which part, and your a real skateboarder, then you have to look up the Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park.

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