Places To Buy City Bikes For Kids, Teens, Adults and Pros


Here's our Places To Buy City Bikes For Kids, Teens, Adults and Pros Guide because we know that it can be difficult to find what you want in the urban setting. This Places To Buy City Bikes For Kids, Teens, Adults and Pros Guide will help you out if you live in a city with an abundant amount of streets, highways, and interstates overly crowded with automobiles. To make matters worst, some of the people driving in your area make you wonder how easy it really is to get your license these days. Once you start to realize 20 minute drives start to turn to 50 to 60 minutes, you start to think there should be a better alternative than this. Well for those fortunate to live in a city setting, there actually is. This option is of course an activity that just about everybody loved to do when they were younger, this being by bicycling your way around. By opting to ride your bicycle around, instead of getting stuck in traffic with your car, you gain from its multiple benefits. These benefits being: healthier lifestyle, reduce air pollution, better views of your city, stress reliever, etc. So in this article, I will list the best places one can go to for purchasing a bicycle in a city setting.

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For Kids


If you have kids, you know what is most important to them at that age range. All the latest technologies, advances in performance, unnecessary addons, and other stuff like that really doesn't matter. To most kids, all they want to do is have a bicycle with their favorite TV or movie character/star on it and they will be more than happy. So instead of thinking in what you want in a bicycle, which most parents often do, you can save some money and just consider that key factor. The outcome of that new thinking, guided by that new insight, you'll easily see that the best place to buy a bicycle for a kid is at your local department store.

You see, its these stores that tend to have more of a selection of bicycles and/or tricycles that would easily get your kid hyped about hitting you up for daily bike rides. Another benefit is that you get to save some money by buying them the bicycle they would like, versus getting them a bicycle that has a lot of wasted advanced technologies that don't appeal to them.

For Preteens/Teens


For those older kids, having a bicycle with some TV or Movie character/star on it won't cut it. At this age they know what they want, how they want to ride, and what will give them the best experience. This current generation of teenage range youth are more so gravitating heavily toward extreme sports on high levels. So naturally the most common solution would be here to look into BMX bikes.

Lucky for those living in a city, there are many opportunities for young teens to be able to explore there extreme sport interest. With those opportunities, also comes great places to get the bicycle that can handle those urges. The best places here are probably your local sporting goods stores, or your local BMX bike shop.

For Adults Looking For a Commuter Bicycle


The more older and mature audience aren't too much into the same interests as those younger than them. All that seems really necessary is to find a bicycle that is affordable, reliable, offers great performance, and is easily transportable. Well, for those commuter bicycle riders your local shop will be your best bet. There you'll get that good small store feeling where they will help you out and find that right bicycle for you. Your local bicycle store should also offer great repair services.

For The Real Bicyclist

If you are real serious about your bicycling, and are willing to put into it as a sport, then your not going to want just any old bike. Your gonna want to get a sturdy, speedy, and trustworthy bicycle that can handle all the mileage your going to put on it. Well, the department store is really out of the question. There really isn't nothing that a department store can offer in bicycle selections that can really handle it. Your nearest sporting goods store could offer what your looking for, but the quality of service is not what your going to need for this long term commitment. They also don't always have the latest advances in bicycle technologies. So what your looking for is a store with the place that has everything you'll need in latest technologies, and offers the best service that builds a long term relationship. Your local shop will offer all that, and will also be into the local bicycle scene and competition circuit. You can buy your bicycle, get repairs, discuss the latest in bicycling, share experiences, and get/give advice.

August 12, 2011 4:27 PM | Biking

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