Our Top 10 Coolest Concept Cars

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We've rounded up the 10 Coolest Concept Cars we've seen in the last two years or so. Maybe some of these will come into production someday, but for now all we can do is look in wonder.


W.O.N. (Wings of Nike) Car

The W.O.N. (Wings of Nike) Car is a concept by Darko Nikoli? which boasts a retro-modern style that combines a front grill and red color of a 50's F-1 car mixed with a the vintage look of a 30's vintage limousines. The front mask of the car is designed to be wide in order to suck more air for his V12 heart. The inspiration behind the name? The "Nike of Samothrace - ancient Greek statue - represents Goddess of victory and sea battle. Conveys a sense of action and triumph as well as portraying artful flowing drapery through its features which the Greeks considered ideal beauty". Via Behance


GINA Concept Car By BMW

The GINA Concept Car By BMW by Designer Chris Bangle is a shape-shifting sports car made from polyurethane-coated Lycra material stretched over a wire aluminum frame. GINA's innovative design may just be a concept, but it has worked to inspire a new wave of sleek, lightweight, and fuel-efficient automobiles.


X-Frame Electric Folding Vehicle Design Concept

The X-Frame Electric Folding Vehicle Design Concept could ultimately replace the common motorcycle or car one day. The seating area, actually changes depending on speed, terrain and number of passengers, and when not in use the entire vehicle folds up vertically for storage. Plus, the whole thing runs on a replaceable electric battery located in the vehicle's rear wheel.


Audi Shark by Designer Kazim Doku

This Audi Shark flying vehicle concept by Designer Kazim Doku is so cool you probably won't see it in this lifetime. The Audi Shark incorporates the streamlined design of motorcycles and airplanes, while still flaunting Audi's signature design. Via Carbodydesign


Dodge Viper '67 Concept by Rafael Reston

This fictional Dodge Viper '67 Concept boasts swoopy S-curves and exhaust manifolds reminiscent of a Corvette- like Viper in 1967. The corvette influence is especially seen in Reston 's stripped down framework of the vehicle.


BMW M1 Hommage Concept

The BMW M1 Hommage concept is a late-seventies comeback. An update to the iconic 1978 coupe, it was created to celebrate Bmw's thirty years anniversary. But the kicker is it's actually expected to go into production by 2012. Via Autoblog.


GM Hummer HX SUV Concept

This GM Hummer HX SUV Concept is straight out of Halo and features an ethanol-based fuel system customizable LED displays, removable fender flares and roof. Via Jalopnik


Ford 2007 Airstream Concept

The Ford 2007 Airstream Concept boasts really cool reflective paint in a part airplane, part Airstream trailer design. It's powered by a plug-in hydrogen hybrid fuel cell called the HySeries Drive which brings the fuel economy to the equivalent of 41 miles per gallon. Via Green.Autoblog


Rinspeed iChange

The Rinspeed iChange is a zero-emissions sports car that weighs just 2315-pounds, and runs on a 150-kilowatt motor, whose power is routed through a six-speed 'pre-selector' gearbox from a Subaru WRX. Via Rinspeed.

Kia Electric "Pop" Concept

The Kia Electric "Pop" Concept features zero emissions, round forms, a panoramic roof made out of glass, chrome completions, and fits three. This concept is powered by an all aluminum Gasoline Direct Injected (GDI) 1.4 Liter engine producing 153 HP combined with a 78kw electric motor mated to a permanently engaged fixed ratio Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for increased fuel efficiency. Via Gizmag.

November 10, 2010 11:47 AM | Cars

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