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Here's a list of the most famous boxing matches of all time including the top ten , legendary, and best of the best. These top ten most famous boxing matches have become legendary in their own right and now it's time to bring back the past. Its two guys standing in a square ring with their gloves on, teams in their corner, and a referee standing in the center readying these two fighters to give what the audience in attendance paid for. This very setting has provided us with some of the most electrifying events, and sport celebrities, the world has probably ever seen. I mean that is clear to see when you mention names like Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Evader Hollyfield, Mike Tyson, and Sugar Ray Lenard. The sport of boxing has had some really amazing matches held throughout different generations that have propelled the sport to new heights, in popularity and fiscally. These boxers hold a dear place in any boxing fan, more so if they were the stars of your youth or prime interest in boxing. That is why in this article, you will be able to find ten of the best boxing matches of all time.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Oscar De La Hoya


This may be a more recent fight, as compared to the majority of other boxing matches on this article, but it is still highly noteworthy in boxing history. If not so for the competitive performance provided by these two boxers once looked upon in comparison with other bouts in history, but then for what this bout did for the sport at the time. This being that this boxing match is the bout that brought us to the mega fights we currently have today, typically featuring Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather, to spectator prominence. Aside from the 12 round tactically played match by both competitors which ended in a controversial split decision win for Mayweather, some would think that Oscar De La Hoya was the rightful winner, the financial records this fight broke were extraordinary. The boxing match sold out 3 hours tickets became available, securing $19 million from ticket sales alone. In total, the boxing match generated $120 million dollars total. In addition, this bout also sprung about a recent string of highly profitable mega matches.

Erik Moralas vs. Marco Antonio I


The Mexican culture has a strong pride for those of its own that embrace the boxing culture. This pride and passion for the sport comes from the Mexican people's cherished warrior heritage, and translate that into boxing. Now what do you get when you take that, multiply it by two, add in two equally exceptional athletes, and you have a unanimous fight of the year that spawned two rematches. However, this match in 2000 was really something to behold. This two boxers put on a show by showcasing their relentless resolve to win by pushing each other to their limits, never relinquishing their ruthless assaults on each other throughout the duration of the match. In the end, despite being the only man to face a knockdown, Moralas pulled off the split decision win.

Chris Eubank vs. Nigel Benn I


What kind of boxing match do you get when it is between two British boxers who are simultaneously at their peak performance levels, and you come up with a classic match up. The emotional content for these two fighters actually began to build up before the fight, this being because of Eubank's entrance music stopping mid walk and Benn being alleged of being the culprit. This fight went for nine rounds of back and forth punishment on both boxers part. In the end, it was Eubank who emerged the winner of the ninth round stoppage. He got this victory from a barrage of blows he threw at Benn while Benn was stuck in the corner. This decision came despite Benn having knockdown Eubank earlier in the round.

Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Meldrick Taylor


When lightning has a run in with thunder, describing Chavez's punching power and Taylor's speed, and it sure did provide a very watchable collision. The match between these two sure did have the expectations high, promising a great display, and these two did not disappoint. Taylor, however was able to compile a steadily growing lead throughout the match. This was possible because of his speed, this allowed him to out punch Chavez 5:1. Despite that, when Chavez connected one of his punches on Taylor it certainly was felt. Once the twelfth round hit, that is where things start to get a little tricky. You see Taylor's corner told him, at this time you have to go for the decisive win. It was that thought that was put into his head that gave up the match, ultimately making the winner Chavez. Taylor was exhausted in the twelfth round, and it was clearly visible when he immediately fell to the ground because he didn't connect with his left hand. Also in the final minute Chavez put him to the ground, and when he got back up the referee couldn't acknowledge a clear sign of him still being able to compete(folk lore is he actually have a nod). The referee acknowledged this as a TKO victory for Chavez in the final two seconds of the match.

Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns


If it takes a high paced action packed start to a boxing match lasting the duration of the first round to see that the bout you are witnessing is a certified classic match up, then the audience in attendance for this match surely did think of this one as a sure fire classic. The intensity of both boxers in this round was great, providing probably the best first round performance in boxing history. The energy and ferociousness from these two fighters of course couldn't be kept up forever. Hagler was able to secure a KO victory in the third round. Despite this short lived match, boy was it ever a thrilling.

Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo


This match is proof that you don't have to be a celebrity boxer to put on a great show, and give it your all in the boxing ring at an incredibly high level. This bout was nine rounds of both boxers receiving and giving relentless blows, setting a memorizing pace to the fight. Corrales gave this bout a fitting 10th round ending. After he was floored twice by Castillo, he somehow managed to come back from the dead and landing a vicious combination of shots leaving Castillo hanging onto the ropes. The fight had its controversial side as well. It is said that Corrales spit out his mouth piece the second time he fell to the canvas, in a successful attempt to gain some time to regain his senses.

Joe Louis vs. Billy Conn


The lesson from this match is that once you become the heavy underdog who is a few rounds away from pulling off a thrilling upset victory, is to never let your ego get in your way. For the match between the legendary Joe Louis and Billy Conn, in the end this was the deciding factor for their bout. Billy Conn came in the match giving up about 25 lbs, and in a heavyweight match you don't really want to be the little guy. Despite this clear disadvantage, Conn's impressive defensive skills allowed him to go from heavily favored underdog to the guy that was a few rounds away from winning. However, his ego got in his way and made him want to try to finish Louis off in the 13th round. This allowed Louis a chance to easily get past Conn's impressive defensive defense and end him with a few seconds left on the match clock.

Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns


The boxing match billed as "The Showdown," these two men gave it their all and put on a beautiful display throughout the duration of the match. These two men were fighting to unify the World Welterweight title, so a display of that magnitude was necessary to put on by both boxers. For twelve rounds the match kept going back and forth with the score card, constantly switching the lead between the two fighters. Leonard's legendary trainer Angelo Dundee told him that he was, "Blowing his chances!" in between the 12th and 13th round. After hearing that, Leonard wasted no time at all and got back in the fight gunning for Hearns. He put on a ferocious display in the 13th, going as far as knocking Hearns though the ropes. Leonard didn't stop in the 14th, he proceeded to abuse his opponent and ended the fight with a furry of punches that forced the referee to end the bout. Funny thing is though was that Hearns actually was leading on all the scorecards up to that point.

Jack Dempsey vs. Luis Angel Firpo


Jack Dempsey achieved what every champion would like to describe everyone of their title defenses, this being short and sweet. In front of 80,000 people at the Polo Grounds in New York, Dempsey defended his heavyweight title against Luis Angel Firpo, "Wild Bull" of the Pampas. Dempsey was able to score seven floorings on Firpo, but Firpo was able to claim a ring knockout on Dempsey. Ironically this was just the first round, making for a true power match just like how heavyweight fights should be. Despite some issues Firpo having with Dempsey being helped back in the rign, and the speed rate the referee was counting, he still lost in a second round KO. The match had a total of eleven knockdowns between the two. Historically, this was a great day for the Latino culture. This would be the first time a Latin American boxer would have a chance at a heavyweight title.

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier III


When the two boxers in the match say that this was as close to death as they'd ever have been, the only real winner is the people in the spectator seats enjoying the show. Headlined as "Thrilla in Manila," there really shouldn't be any other boxing match that should be in your top spot. The two men each had won one of their previous encounters, so this bout was heavily hyped as the one to end all debates. Then you have to add in the scorching heat provided by the Philippine location the fight took place in too all the animosity the two had towards each other, and it could be quite comparable to Hell like conditions. From the start of the match, these two went at each other like vicious wild animals. Those in attendance were in awe of how much the two were skilled, and their pure desire to beat each other to a bloody pulp. Joe Fraizer's trainer Eddie Futch ended up throwing in the towel in the 14th for Frazier, however if those two still had the chance they would have probably never stopped going at each other with their respective all.

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