Hybrid Bicycles : Best New for Men and Women


Hybrid bicycles? Best New for Men and Women? Yes, this is a guide for those that are uniformed about "hybrid bicycles" or multipurpose bicycles. The hybrid bicycles below are some of the best new models for men and women and have the ability to function at their best on multiple surface types. This is possible for hybrid bicycles because they are essentially a combination of mountain and road bicycles. This combination makes hybrid bicycles perfect for commuters, city riders, and cross surface riders. This is the most popular bicycle type because of its diversity and the general public's main use of bicycles as modes of transportation alternative to cars, instead of as sport riders. In this article, you will be able to see some of the top hybrid bicycles available.

Trek 2.3


An update to the highly praised Trek 2.1 model, the 2.3 update will not disappoint. Being proclaimed by Trek as, "A rewarding ride for the passionate enthusiast or aluminum aficionado seeking a tour-tested, confident, comfortable ride," the Trek 2.3 has a lot to offer riders looking for hybrid bicycles. Trek's alpha black aluminum is great at balancing strength and weight savings, SpeedTrap compatible without adding any aerodynamic drag, is a triple crank, and has nine Tour de France victories to its name. All in all, this bicycle is no slouch. So if you are a bicycle rider looking for a hybrid bicycle to give you some of the highest optimal performance in your daily commute, or want to go off and become a cycling champion, then the Trek 2.3 would do you justice to your personal ambitions with it.

Trek 2.1


The Trek 2.1 hybrid bicycle is a top choice for entry level riders, so much so that it was ranked as one of the top three hybrid bicycles for entry level riders by Cycling Active magazine. The magazine article on this bicycle went further into detail in its praise in the areas of the Trek 2.1's awing versatility and beautiful handling. It is a great choice for the city rider, who also finds themselves out on less than desirably maintained as city streets and bicycle paths. This lightweight 10 speed bicycle, featuring carbon fork legs and a sturdy aluminum frame, is a great riding choice for those looking for a great city commuting bike.

Boardman Hybrid Pro


This hybrid bicycle is simply a great investment for a versatile commuter bicycle rider. The Boardman Hybrid Pro was rated as the best hybrid bicycle by Bikeradar.com, and is also considered to be a real bargain. This bicycle is quite easily loveable by starter/entry level riders and cyclists with more experience alike. This is so because of its smooth-welded, full-carbon frame and a proper balance between both road bike components and mountain bicycle features. These features to include aspects like mountain-style hydraulic disc brakes and extremely responsive, road-style shifters. So if you are the speed loving commuter, the occasional bicycle race contestant, or someone who finds themselves around winter conditions that make bicycle riding less than favorable, then this is a great bicycle of choice.

Gary Fisher Cronus


The one thing that separates this hybrid bicycle apart, and makes it an easy top pick, its how well the handling is on this bicycle. The handling on this bicycle is so spectacular that it was a strong factor in the Gary Fisher Cronus receiving the honor of "Gear of the Year" by outside magazine. This bicycle features a size- specific layup carbon frame with E2 integrated headset, and fender mounts to improve aerodynamic performance. If your looking for a good commuting bicycle, and looking into carbon models, than you have no real searching left because the Cronus by Gary Fisher will be a true joy to you.

Specialized Sirrus Expert


An article written for the Sunday Times early last year, listed the Specialized Sirrus Expert as one of the top five hybrid bicycles available on the market, and when you consider how well this bicycle embodies the idea behind hybrid bicycles then you will surly see why. The Specialized Sirrus Expert offers a stellar balance in the combination of the robustness of a mountain bicycle, and the agility easily associated with a road bicycle. This bicycle would be a great purchase for a rider that really likes to get the full effort out of themselves and their bicycle. This bicycle comes featured with flat handle bars which help enable better posture, a lightweight E5 aluminum frame with vibration absorbing elastic shocks, adjustable 4-position stem with 31.8mm bar clamp for strength and versatile positioning, and a Sirrus carbon fork.

August 22, 2011 12:25 PM | Biking

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