How To Store Your Bike At Home Or In An Apartment


Here's our guide on how to store your bike at home or in an apartment. When the bike riding season is over and it's either too cold, too snowy, or just not practical to ride your bike, you're going to need to find a bike hook, bike hanger, bike storage, bike rack, ceiling bike hook etc. that will keep it out of the way till next season. If you life at home your could just wheel it into your garage and say goodbye, but a lot of us don't have the garage space so we'll look at different options for the home. If you're living in an apartment and you don't have a public bike storage space you're probably very limited in space. And if you leave it outside, even chained up, it may end up like the picture at the bottom of this guide. So here are some great options for bike storage...


Book Shelf Bike Rack

This Book Shelf Bike Rack is probably the most aesthetically beautiful rack we've found. It's made from what looks like maple and will look great in a loft. Available at Knife & Saw by Chris Brigham. "Made from solid wood (in this case, Walnut) and suspended by a solid steel square rod mount, this shelf can hold both your bike, as well as anything else you want on it quite easily. If you want to just showcase your bike, that's fine, but if you want to utilize the space for books, flowers, bike accessories, etc., that's what it's there for."


Ceiling Bike Lift

This Bike Lift is a great option when you have no available floor or wallspace. If you've always thought your ceiling would be a great place to store your bike but don't want to bother with ladders every time to take your bike down this is your best bet. The Ceiling Bike Lift uses a unique rope locking mechanism which lightens the load for easy lifting while preventing accidental release.

It's meant for ceilings of up to 12 ft. and a load capacity of up to 50 lbs. It's made with a solid steel construction a has a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Plus, you won't have to assemble anything, installation is easy and the hardware is provided. Size: 12" (W) x 5" (H) x 6" (D). You can buy this Ceiling Bike Lift for a price of $19.46.


Torrey Home 2-Bike Gravity Bike Rack #RS6002 - Wall Mounted Garage Shelves

This wall bike rack is another quick and easy way to store two bikes in your home or garage. It simply leans against the wall and there's no wall attachment required which makes it perfect for apartments, garages, or small storage sheds. With independently adjustable arms it can accommodate any bike style and has a premium quality silver powder coat finish that will stand much use. Assembly is easy, and all tools needed are included, so you're practically ready to go when you get it! Whether you have enough space or not, this gravity bike rack is the solution for space-efficient bike storage! Buy this Torrey Home 2-Bike Gravity Bike Rack for a price of $80.


Racor Double Vertical Bike Rack - 2 Bike Capacity #BR-2R - Bike Racks

The Racor Double Vertical Bike Rack stores 2 bikes conveniently and safely against almost any wall and is perfect for keeping up to two bicycles out of the way, yet still within easy reach. Molded rubber hook guards protect the rims from scratching, and a security loop accepts cable locks to help prevent theft. The shelf also boasts wire shelves to store your shoes, helmets and other riding accessories. Th shelf itself is made with a sturdy solid steel construction and a durable epoxy finish, and has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. With no assembly required, the unit mounts easily to any wall with the included hardware. Racor BR-2R Double Vertical Bike Rack with Center Shelf.


Torrey Home Oak Solo Wall Mount Bike Rack #20090 - Bike Racks

Here's a more rustic, homey bike rack option for the home or office. The Oak Solo Wall Mount Bike Rack is made from real American Red Oak harvested in the forests of Arkansas and finished with a hand rubbed Danish oil stain and finish. It features four countersunk mounting holes on 16" centers and three shaker pegs for extra storage of helmets, gloves, goggles, clothing and other important gear. It works best for road and straight frame bikes and is a real green alternative handmade in the usa with renewable forest products. This one has a 30lb capacity. Assembled dimensions 18" wide, 5" high, and 16" deep. Buy this Oak Solo Wall Mount Bike Rack for a price of $37.


Racor Pro PSB-2L Double Folding Bike Rack

The Racor Folding Bike Rack is similar to the Oak bike rack above but has more of metal modern style. It can store two bikes flat against the wall and when it isn't being used, it folds down out of the way. Plus, the handy shelf stores shoes or helmets. Made from epoxy coated solid steel, it has PVC cushioned sleeves to protect the bike's finish, comes with a lifetime warranty and installs easily with provided hardware. When closed, measures 25"H x 13 3/4"W x 2"D. Buy this Racor Pro PSB-2L Double Folding Bike Rack for a price of 23.27.


Delta Botticelli Four Bike Storage Rack

The Delta Botticelli Four Bike Storage Rack is a free standing rack used to hold 4 bikes and is a cool decorative idea if you've got the space. It features independent adjustable arms that can accommodate any bike style, an easy to assemble design with all the tools included, tough silver powder coat finish, maximum load of 120 lbs, and Limited lifetime warranty. You can buy this Delta Botticelli Four Bike Storage Rack for a price of $100.


Vertical Single Bike Wall Storage Hook

This Vertical Single Bike Wall Storage Hook is a small and simple hook tjhat will secure your bike hung vertically against a wall. A great space saver/organizer, this low maintenance option it easy to get the bike in and out of, has a durable powder coated finish, rubber coated arm, works with narrow race tires or extra wide mountain bike tires, and features a plate that protects the finish on the wall at the upper wheel. Buy this Vertical Single Bike Wall Storage Hook for a price of $20.


Delta Monet Single-Bike Rack with Wood Shelf

The Delta Monet Single-Bike Rack is a modern-looking, wall mounted, wooden shelf and single bike rack. It features an rubber-coated arms that holds the bike by its frame, a maximum load of 50 pounds, can folds down and out of the way when not in use, and mounts to wall studs with hardware included. Buy this Delta Monet Single-Bike Rack with Wood Shelf for a price of $35.


October 13, 2010 11:51 AM | Biking

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