How to Place a Bet From Your Smartphone


With the capabilities of todayís mobile devices, thereís no reason you need to be tied to your computer when youíre making bets in an online sportsbook. Sportsbook websites have made it easier than before to make and monitor bets, but thanks to your smartphone, you can make wagers from wherever you happen to be.

Every sportsbook application differs in the specifics of how to make deposits, place wagers and withdraw winnings, but in general, they operate similarly. The following are some other points to consider when using your smartphone for betting.

Choosing Applications

When youíre evaluating sportsbooks, choose one that offers mobile capabilities, allowing you to access your account whenever and wherever. All the most reputable sportsbooks offer dedicated mobile apps that simplify the wagering process; you may access other sites via your phoneís Web browser, but the experience will probably be less than optimal, especially if youíre using an older device with a smaller screen and limited navigation capacity.

In addition to sportsbook mobile apps, other apps can help you make your bets via smartphone. Explore your operating systemís app store to find apps that streamline the betting process, such as arbitrage calculators. Read online betting reviews to find the sportsbooks and apps that will best meet your needs.

Getting Started

Depending on the mobile-betting application, you may be able to log in to the mobile site using the same credentials as the full site or you may need to establish a separate login credentials. Some sportsbooks also require you first log in via computer to establish your account. In other words, you may not be able to create a new sportsbook account directly from your phone. Others recommend ó or even require ó you fund your account from a secure computer, before placing bets from the mobile device.

Perhaps the most important consideration when youíre using sportsbook apps is security. Only download mobile apps from the sportsbook site or from a reputable vendor to ensure itís authentic. Before you install the app, double-check your deviceís security protections are up-to-date, including virus and malware protection. Your mobile devices are just as vulnerable to cybercrime as your computer, and since you may be dealing with significant amounts of money when make your bets, you need to protect both your device and your cash.

Besides establishing security protocols, you may need to disable certain protections on your phone before you place bets. Some handsets come with child-protection features in place and automatically block certain content from your phone. Since you must be over 18 to use sportsbook sites, disable parental protection from your device if necessary to access your betting apps.

Financial Security

You can protect your investment by taking advantage of the security features your sportsbook offers. Some mobile apps use a PIN system for making bets, requiring bettors to enter a specific code to authorize each transaction. Research the appís security features before sending any financial information; your payment information should be encrypted and sent over secure networks. Otherwise, youíre at risk for it being intercepted by criminals.

How to Place a Bet

One of the major advantages of mobile-betting applications is they allow you to keep up with various events in real time and place wagers from wherever you are. So while youíre sitting at your favorite sports pub watching the game, if your sportsbook allows in-game betting, you can make wagers from your barstool.

Each specific app has its own quirks, but generally, the process of betting is the same. Log in to the app, choose the events you want to bet on and follow the prompts to input the amount of your wagers. Donít forget to confirm your bets, and make note of the confirmation number. Carefully monitor your account to ensure the appropriate debits and credits post to your account.

Mobile betting isnít ideal when you want in-depth analysis of the odds or a close study of statistics. The smaller screen of most devices and limited functionality of apps makes reading pages difficult or even impossible. But if you know what you want to bet on or want to make a quick wager on a specific event, using your smartphone can be extremely useful.

About the Author: Writer Monica Carlito is known among her friends for always having the latest technology. She has been using her smartphone to place bets for the past year and recommends you click here to learn more about the best in sportsbooks.

April 25, 2013 3:21 PM | Guides

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