How To Pick Your First Tennis Racquet Guide


Here's quick guide on how to pick your first Tennis Racquet. This How To Pick Your First Tennis Racquet Guide is for you if you new to the sport and want to make the right decision when making that first important racquet purchase. Many beginners think they should get a intermediate/pro racquet so they won't have to upgrade later, but are actually slowing there learning progress at the same time.

So, you just happened to walk by a park and saw a couple of semi-pro players having a grueling singles match, or you just so happened to turn on a TV and a heated grand slam final is about to reach match point, or you could just came up with the idea that tennis seems really fun. No matter your attraction to tennis, when your first starting out your still going to be a beginner. As a beginner there will be a lot of new words, techniques, brand names, and top players. Despite hearing this constantly, your going to hear the importance of having a racquet that suites your playing style a lot more. However, that doesn't really apply to you yet.

As a beginner level player, you have no idea what your playing style is yet. So in respect to your skill level, going out and buying the latest racquets from top tennis brands like Babolat, Head, Prince, or Wilson is not a very wise financial investment. A beginner tennis player needs a racquet that offers a few key things: stability, power, and a big head size.


The stability aspect is important because you are new! Your not yet comfortable with your strokes, techniques, or when is the best time to hit the ball off its rise from the ground. So your basically gonna start out hitting the ball any kinda way really, and as your developing your technique you need to have a racket with good stability so that when you do hit the ball wrong you won't be hurting yourself.

The power aspect is important because when your new, your shots are not going to be going at 100 MPH like a trained tennis pro. In time you may get somewhat close to that playing level with hard work and determination, but that is not the here and now. Your going to need a racquet that has a good amount of extra pop to offer on your shots and serve until you properly develop.


Having a big head size is important because the tennis ball moves really fast and isn't that big, so the standard intermediate to pro level sizes of 100 or less square inches would be too little. A frame with a 105 frame size is your best bet.

Beginners looking for a racket that offers all these qualities essential to their development, should look for power rackets. You'll benefit from all the aspects mentioned needed for a proper racquet for beginner, just remember that you don't need to spend a lot on a power racquet.

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July 13, 2011 4:52 PM | Tennis

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