How to do a Wakeboarding Front Flip Guide


Here's a quick guide on how to do a wakeboarding front flip. This How to do a Wakeboarding Front Flip guide will go over the basic formula, but off course the rest is up to you. Well you just got into wakeboarding, and you absolutely love it. Being out there on the open waters just riding to your hearts content. There really is something about the combination of open air, water, and high speeds that always make any experience with those factors involved a great time. Despite all the great times that could be had with continuous riding on your wakeboard, that adventurous spirit will eventually start to kick in. Suddenly just riding around won't be enough, you'll begin to crave the excitement of trying out high flying moves to cure your lust for thrill. Well, you can't just go out trying all kinds of crazy stunts right off the back, you gotta start with some basics. That is why the front flip, while being a classic, is a great first trick to learn that can also lead onto many more advanced moves. That is why in this article, you will figure out how to perform the front flip on your wakeboard so that you can open yourself up to the world of wakeboard tricks.


Personal Requirements

It is not a wise thing to just go out there and attempt doing a front flip without making sure you have the skill set with adequate tools to be able to properly pull this off. That way you'll have less chance of hurting yourself. Before attempting this trick you should be able to do the following:

1. Take your heelside wake jumps very big.
2. Ability to perform cartwheels on ground, or similar motion on trampoline like surface will suffice.
3. Be comfortable being upside down. That is kinda important for those with phobias.


The Steps

1. Your going to want to start off by cutting outside the wake in the area of 15 to 20 feet, then come back to the wake with a good, hard, progressive edge. While doing this, more of your weight should be placed on your back foot.
2. Once you begin to sprout off the wake, your going to want to straighten out your back leg, while at the same time putting your weight more so to the front of the board. In addition, you should also be throwing your head and shoulder to the nose of the board. This is an important aspect that must not be forgotten, this will allow for more jump of the wake and a more natural initiation into the cartwheel like motion.
3. You then continue your rotation by keeping your legs slightly bent, your handle very close to your body, and your head must stay looking at the nose of your board with you leaning your shoulders in that same direction.
4. Now get ready to land. You know move your head up, and begin to look for a place to land, once your body is horizontal(halfway through). For over rotation, you let your rope out a bit. This will give you more room to land. If you are under rotating, then bring it in so that you will have less distance to travel to a landing spot.
5. You then let go of the rope with your back hand, to better secure balance, and bend your knees so that you can better absorb your landing.


What Can This Lead To

Besides some obvious personal additions to the trick that could be made to make it look cooler, there are also some awesome tricks that knowing how to properly perform this one will allow you to explore. This being similar to: Front Flip to Fakie, Hassellhoff, Front Flip to Blind, etc.

Well now you got your thrill thirsty for more after quenching it by learning how to do a front flip. Luckily for you with this essential trick you can keep on satisfying your need for excitement by learning more advanced tricks, and adding your own personal style to this move as well.

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August 10, 2011 8:29 PM | Wakeboarding


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