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A tactical vest from www.AFMO.com like this 5ive Star Gear CDV-5S Cross Draw Vest is not only something that can help you out in combat, but something that can save your life. Although most people don't like to think about this type of thing happening to them, it always pays to be prepared. One of the best types of tactical vests that are offered is the Condor Tactical/Zeta First Responder kit. Not only does this include the great quick release carrier in order to get out of the vest itself, it offers great essential abilities like an emergency drag handle for the wearer to be pulled along if wounded.

Some people need to be able to reach over a particular shoulder as they are left or right handed and this vest can be set to have the release pull at either shoulder, which allows for extremely quick removal. The outer armor is hard but the inner armor and material around the neck and arms is soft as to keep chafing from occurring. Although it is lightly padded enough to allow airflow, this particular vest will be able to protect the wearer from many things. The chief among things that this protects from are bullets from rifles and the elements outside.

Learn more about the great tactical gear offered here if you are interested in items other than the above mentioned vest. Other great items are ones such as the Condor Tactical Mesh Cap. While this cap will not protect your head from bullets or explosions, it does a great deal to prevent you from becoming exhausted in combat or while serving somewhere extremely hot or cold. The hat is crafted of a special wicking material that keeps moisture from building up on the inside or outside, which prevents heat buildup. The hat is also fully adjustable and has space for three different patches. Better yet, this hat is one size fits all!

The Condor Tactical 42" Rifle Case is another must have item for the hunter or combat oriented man or woman. This case keeps you from having to hold the gun at all times, but also keeps it safe from many damaging things. MOLLE construction takes part in the build of this so that you can easily connect ammo cases and accessories. The magazine pouches are also removable if you need to put other items in their spot, and the bag itself is padded for extra comfort and crafted of durable nylon with a handy shoulder strap.

February 25, 2013 4:36 PM | Survival Gear

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