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Funky snowboards like this Arbor Draft Snowboard is the brands take on the rocker revolution. This funky snowboard is designed around The System, a fusion of interdependent technologies that support jib-specific performance. The Arbor Draft Snowboard rocker boards represent a new approach to how snowboards function. Some features include a Grip-Tech Sidecut which is a new design that creates additional contact points with the ground and a Street Rocker which gives the board a stretched parabolic arc profile that further improves control, while providing a more uniform running surface nose to tail. This is one all-around cool board! Buy this Draft Snowboard 2010 for a price of $395.


Rocker Specific Flex:a rocker specific flex pattern designed to address how riders experience board flex when shredding a de-cambered design.

Inlaid Power Spine: a structural spine of wood that counters the effect of de-cambering to maintain pop, while not hindering the rocker benefit of easy spins, presses, and butters.

Robusto Tips: a wider, more blunt shape and flat kick design that meets the needs of a rocker nose and tail's more specialized role as platforms for presses and butters.

True-Twin: a twin-tip shape that encourage riders to equalize their stance and more effectively activate the Grip-Tech contact points and Street Rocker design.

Mercy Edges: softer bronze edges that deliver a less catchy ride, while balancing the active edge performance created by Street Rocker and Grip Tech.

Sumo-Stance: an expanded 2x4 insert system that provides a much wider stance (Max: 25.20"/64cm) allowing riders to size down their boards for classic rocker performance.

Shadow Flex - Deep

A slight tapered thinning of the core between the bindings, improves turn and spin initiation, tracking in mixed conditions, on the flats, and during landings, and performance on rails, boxes, and naturals. DEEP - JIB/Street Performance

Size: 49.5"

Length: 149.5"

Effective Edge: 117.3

Tip/Waist/Tail Width: 28.9 / 24.8 / 28.9

Tip/Tail Length: 18.6 / 18.6

Set Back: 0.0

Max Stance: Sumo Stance - Max 25.2

Suggested Rider Weight: Min/ Max: 47-83 kg

December 29, 2009 3:32 PM | Snowboarding

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