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Here's a guide on fun sport activities in Chicago because at first glance, a city like Chicago is not what a sports enthusiast would like to call home. This fun sport activities in Chicago guide will give you a range of options to keep active whether you're just visiting, moving to the Chi etc. Chicago not a sport activity city? Off course it's not the people, city, available recreational area options, and lack of strong communities of people that love to participate in regular sport activities. The real reason is because of Chicago's harsh, long lasting, Winters. The extreme cold, as compared to the more warmer climates of the nation, does not make for a suitable environment for someone interested in making physical activity a good year round experience. That should be enough to stop anyone from hoping to have a committed sporting routine in Chicago, however those that believe that are wrong. The city of Chicago offers great outdoor facilities in the warmer months, and almost just as good indoor ones for when it is impossible to be outside in the colder months. In this article, we plan on informing you of the great opportunities available for someone living in Chicago to get out and get in their physical activity through the fun of a sport.

Sport Leagues


Chicago offers an ample amount of available league sport options throughout the year. Sports ranging from basketball to broomball, tennis to beach tennis, volleyball to softball, soccer to dodgeball, etc. Each season offers different sport leagues for one to play in. The leagues offered in each season are very much so weather appropriate, meaning you won't be out in the middle of winter risking catching frostbite playing football at your local park. Other sports offered, besides the ones already listed, include: indoor volleyball, tennis, ping pong, rock climbing, yoga, floor hockey, boxing, boot camp fitness seminars, dancing, kayaking, and sailing.



When weather permits, Chicago can be a very attractive city. So much so, that the option of getting around by bike is a great option that most will chose. That is great because in actuality, Chicago is one of the most biking friendly cities you can find. Those that enjoy going on bike rides through the city get to experience 100 miles of dedicated bike lanes, 50 miles of bike racks, and 10,000 bike racks. You would truly be hard-pressed to find another city in the country that offers bicycle amenities like this. While biking in a city environment is always a joy, there really isn't much that can beat being able to take your bike out on a lakefront ride. This is luckily very much so possible for Chicago residence with the 18 mile lake pathway looking over Lake Michigan. If you enjoy being on your bike, then when the weather is right, you really can't be in a better city in the United States.



If you ran Cross Country, Track, or just love moving your feet long distances, than Chicago is great for that. Just as enjoyable the lakefront path is for bike riders, it is equally enjoyable for those that like to move there feet. In addition for that, Chicago has two very well known marathons that take place. One being the internationally known Bank of America Chicago Marathon. This is one of the world's biggest marathon races, and typically has about 45,000 participants. The other being the Accenture Chicago Triathlon. This is a lesser widely recognized marathon, and is held annually in August.

Public Facilities


Residents of Chicago are very much so fortunate to be able to live in a city that offers over 550 public parks. These aren't just parks with only an open field, these are the real deal. They offer playground facilities, basketball courts, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, fitness centers, pools, and the city also has eight golf courts.

If you live in Chicago, you have just as much sporting opportunities as your neighbors in warmer climates. You just gotta go out and find them, or find a park/public facility and make your own.

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August 7, 2011 12:58 PM | Guides

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