Cool Snowboards for Sale - 2010 Coolest Snowboard Designs


Here's some cool snowboards for sale with our pick of the 2010 coolest snowboard designs. We've Included cool snowboards for sale from brands including Forum, Burton, Ride, Lib Technologies, Arbor, Nitro, and Gnu because we want you to think of her as the best snowboard in the world. We are also covering the 2010 coolest snowboard designs because as avid snowboarders ourselves, we want you to be in the know about some of the latest and coolest snowboards for sale. We've also labeled the top ten as best for powder, park, all-around, and even big feet to help you choose from our picks of best snowboards. So go ahead and make your pick. If you don't like any of these boards you can look back a year at our Top Ten Snowboards of 2008-2009 - The Best Snowboards of 2008-2009 Guide.

Here's our 2010 coolest snowboard designs...


2010 Forum Seeker Snowboard - Cool snowboards for park!

Definitely one of our cool snowboards for sale and 2010 Coolest Snowboard Designs, the Forum Seeker Snowboard has now won the Transworld Good Wood award two years in a row now. To make these a dominating freestyle boards, these cool snowboards for sale feature every high-tech piece of technology Forum has. They boasts a Swingers Club construction which reduces swing weight for easier spins, a Formula base that gives you tons of speed on the in-run and much more. Buy this 2010 Forum Seeker Snowboard for a price of $400.

Besportier says it like it is: Good luck finding a better park board! The Forum Seeker Snowboard has crazy pop and is the board of choice for Eddie Wall and Jake Welch. Definitely one of the best snowboards for park!


2010 Burton Method Snowboard - Coolest snowboards for all-mountain!

Probably the coolest of the cool snowboards for sale and one of the 2010 Coolest Snowboard Designs, the Burton Method Snowboard uses Burton's new Alumasuperfly core to give you a hard-charging feel with a weight that boarders on nothing. Burton even made the edges from a titanium alloy to handle anything and shed even more grams from one of the most advanced boards in the world. The board features a Pro-Tip construction that reduces swing weight to make spins easier, Twin flex for easy switch riding, and a channel binding connection that works with EST and 3D bindings. Buy this Burton Method Snowboard for a price of $1500.

Besportier says it like it is: This board simply makes other boards look pathetic. It's a scream for all-mountain especially with the new Directional shape for improved performance. And still the Medium stiffness lets you hit anything from the terrain park to the powder shot.


2010 Ride Slackcountry Snowboard - Cool snowboards Powder!

The 2010 Ride Slackcountry Snowboard was built for going OB on blower days at the resort and boasts Ride's latest rocker technology, so you don't have to fart around in-bounds when you really need some old-fashioned pow-in-your-face freedom. With an ultralight design and Ride's powder specific HighRize Rocker, you can just lean back and let the Slackcountry Snowboard do the work for you. With plenty of carbon for stability, and 90A Slimewalls to soak up the chop, the only thing that will be slack at the end of a powder day will be your jello legs. Buy this Ride Slackcountry Snowboard for a price of $650.

Besportier says it like it is: If you love powder get this is one of the best boards you can get! The Slackcountry's HighRize Rocker is shaped specifically for powder riding, so you float with less effort.


2010 Lib Technologies Banana Magic BTX Snowboard - Best freestyle snowboard!

The story goes that Lib Tech scientists ventured deep in the Amazonian rainforest searching for a mystical tree rumored to hold the key to eternal youth. Successful in their quest, they came back with a few bunches of Lib Tech Banana Magic BTX Snowboards. Returning to the lab they dissected the freshly picked, Banana Magic BTXs in order to obtain their secrets. What they found was shocking, even to the masterminds of snowboarding technology.

Ok so enough with the fairytales right? The Banana Magic BTX Snowboard is made from Nature friendly, Granit Sparkle Beans that contain the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any top sheet material in the industry. It also features Magne-Traction edges that let you turn so fast you could dodge bullets. Plus if you're a greenie you'll love that the 100% Basalt Fiber reinforced construction gives you freedom from the Eco-bashing properties of fiberglass. Buy this Lib Technologies Banana Magic BTX Snowboard for a price of $697.

Besportier says it like it is: This all-around freestyle board makes for a loose but controlled ride and legendary pop!


2010 Burton's X8 Snowboard - Best freestyle snowboard!

From park to pow, Burton's X8 Snowboard owns all terrain. Built with a buttery soft flex, twintip shape, and V-Rocker technology, the X8 comes with high-end freestyle performance standard. Burton hooked up the X8 with an ultra-fast sintered N2O WFO base for speed and spec'd the Channel mounting system so you can run regular bindings or match up EST bindings to offer nearly limitless stance options. Thanks to these features, the X8 rips terrain parks, powder pillows, city rails, and massive booters. The park Scoop features a spoon shape--edges turned up at the tip and tail--to aid float and looseness and the V-rocker features three stages of rocker; one between your feet, one outside each foot for a loose and forgiving skate-like feel. Buy this Burton X8 Snowboard for a price of $490.

Besportier says it like it is: If you're willing to downsize 1 to 2 cm from your normal board length you can dominate mountains and terrain parks!


2010 Burton Custom X Snowboard - Cool wide snowboard!

The Burton Custom X Wide Snowboard helps you rock the mountain and park more Frederik, Kazu, Peetu. The board boasts all-new Lightning Bolts that radiate outward from the Channel and initiate shockingly fast energy transfer to your edges. If you think a wide board is going to be sluggish and slow you down, think again. Thanks to all the tricks that Burton engineers packed into this deck you couldn't go slow if you wanted to. The Dragonfly Core with Multizone EGD and Positive Profile gives you ultimate control and pop thanks to specially directed wood grains and a thicker core profile between the bindings and stainless steel pressure distribution edges with Grip and Rip tune are sharp, durable, yet playful edges for ripping up the entire mountain. Buy this Burton Men's Custom X Wide Snowboard for a price of $550.

Besportier says it like it is: This is the Bentley of wide snowboards. If you want to want unbelievable control and blinding speed in any condition this is the one for you!


2010 Lib Technologies 1986 Snow Mullet BTX Snowboard
- Best powder snowboard!

The Lib Technologies 1986 Snow Mullet BTX Snowboard will let you pop around on your banana's Morning Wood before all the powder's gone. This Board features Magne-Traction edges that turn riding ice to sheer joy as the Banana Tech rocker in between your boots takes you the rest of the way to pleasure town. Whether you ride Lib Tech's tribute to a mythical hairstyle in the deeps where it shines like Soul Glo, or find yourself on a groomer heading back to the lift, the Mullet has the party favors you need to get there in style. The TNT Base rides super fast and doesn't need a lot of maintenance. Buy this Lib Technologies 1986 Snow Mullet BTX Snowboard for a price of $569.

Besportier says it like it is: A great, fast, powder board with Banana Technology rocker between the bindings for a controlled, surfy ride that packs serious pop!


2010 Arbor Wasteland Snowboard - Best all-mountain snowboard!

This 2010 Arbor Wasteland Snowboard takes it to the park, the peak, and everything in-between. Designed for big spins, smooth turns, and an effortless ride, the this mid-wide directional twin features Carbon and Kevlar reinforcements in the tip and tail add pop and durability, so you can boost higher and stomp easier. It also boasts a Tri-radial sidecut for tight, quick turns and high-speed stability, and Biax-over-biax Butter Glassing that creates a mellow consistent flex that's idea for jibbing and a Rocket sintered base for durability, speed, and wax absorption. Buy this 2010 Arbor Wasteland Snowboard for a price of $695.

Besportier says it like it is: Take your park skills into the backcountry with Arbor's lightest Shaman core board.


2010 Nitro Blacklight Snowboard - Mid-Wide - Best all-mountain snowboard!

The 2010 Nitro Blacklight Snowboard - Mid-Wide features a directional-twin shape with an extended nose and tail resulting in smooth powerful landings, both forward and switch, and is designed for premium flotation in backcountry pow. When you need to step it up in the backcountry or all-mountain terrain, unsheathe the Nitro Blacklight Snowboard and let your imagination run wild. The board also features a Powerlite Core made from ultralight tip-to-tail wood that retains strength, pop, and control Tri-Lite laminate features custom tuned triaxial fiberglass for pinpointed torsion control and reduced weight. Rock Bands reinforce the length of the board with basalt fibers, for tip-to-tail power transmission and snap and a Progressive Sidecut makes turns easy to enter with powerful acceleration throughout. Buy this Nitro Blacklight Snowboard - Mid-Wide for a price $600.

Besportier says it like it is: This all-around board is for for speed freaks only; this nanotech wax infused formula eliminates drag so you don't lag...ever!


2010 Gnu Altered Genetics BTX Snowboard - Best all-mountain snowboard!

The Gnu Altered Genetics BTX Snowboard features the most advanced, eco-friendly technology around, plus the amazing artwork of Adam Haynes. Behold, the Altered Genetics BTX Snowboard. Bamboo, balsa, and aspen woods combine their powers, forming a core that gives you more pop than the electric fence you peed on at your friend's last cow-tipping party. The board also features Banana Tech that lets you stomp your board flat for tip-to-tail edge contact and enhanced control, Magne-Traction which provides supreme edge control, even on bulletproof hardpack and more. Buy this Gnu Altered Genetics BTX Snowboard for a price of $649.

Besportier says it like it is: Here's a great eco-friendly board that doesn't sacrifice performance.

October 12, 2009 8:36 PM | Snowboarding

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