Cool Outdoor Fire Pits By AK47 Perfect After A Long Day


These cool outdoor fire pits by AK47 are part of many creative products from the vibrant brand. "The creative artists at Ak47 propose products that are docile, innovative, efficacious and efficient. The intuition of Ak47 is to design and produce furnishing accessories that shun the obvious, venturing into questions that are still unexplored. Wood management is the first theme of the project that Ak47 tackled, but we wished to extend our range as much as possible in order to cover an infinite series of possibilities." Now how can you not like these even more after a poetic description on the brand like that? All of these look like they would fit right in at the beach house, your backyard retreat or anywhere else you might want to set up a "chill zone". Check out the site for other cool fire pits and wood management furnishings.

The Rondo Fireplace (above) is "A refuge from the breeze of spring evenings or shelter from the cold of winter afternoons. Rondo is the cradle of the fire and sweet solace: its metal holds the flames, its stone the onlookers. Volumes define it in all its majesty: you can tell that it has noble origins, no opulence but lots of grace."


The Zero Fireplace is "An outdoor wood fireplace, a nest in which to seek refuge, enjoying the warmth of the fire: the eccentric dance of the flames is replaced by the silent burning of the embers. A sweet warmth that comforts your guests." You can buy the The AK47 Zero Outdoor Fireplace for a price of $5500.


The Zen Fireplace is "An ideal frame for the magic of the fire. It can be arrayed in different materials to create a perfect alchemy with its surroundings. An impeccable companion of soft evening light."


The Hole Fireplace is "A reserved niche, a timid opening in the ground. You hardly notice that it's there, but when the fire is burning the Hole is animated, displaying all its charm. Once the show is over it blends again with its surroundings, and you can even cover it and walk on it."

March 3, 2011 5:51 PM | Outside

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