Buy Cheap Bicycles in Chicago : Inexpensive, Refurbished, Fixie, Mountain


Where do u buy cheap bicycles in Chicago including inexpensive, refurbished, fixie, and mountain bikes? In this guide on where to buy cheap bicycles in Chicago we'll give you the low down on getting whatever bike you want including inexpensive, refurbished, fixie, and mountain bikes. For someone who is frequent to ride a bicycle Chicago is a great place to live in. If your a commuter, sport, or just for fun rider you surely will enjoy all the great amenities that the city has to offer bicycle riders. There are over 100 miles of bike lanes, 50 miles of bike paths, and over 10,000 bike racks all over the city. There are also many different bicycle events for competition, many facilities(such as parks) offering great biking destinations, great city support to opt into using bicycles as your main source of commute, and great organizations that sole purpose is to better promote and support bicycling throughout the city of Chicago. Now with all that done to get more and more people riding bicycles in Chicago, there has got to be some really great places one can go to get a great bicycle. That is why in this article, we will discuss the best places Chicago locals, or people visiting, can go to pick out their new bicycle of choice.

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Uptown Bikes


Established in 2004, Uptown Bikes, is great place to get a new of cheap bicycle in Chicago, and is one of Chicago's full service bicycle shops. Conveniently located on 653 N. Broadway on Chicago's north side, its location is a perk in itself. Uptown bikes is right in between the Wilson and Lawrence Red Line CTA train stops, and is less than a mile(0.65 to be exact) away from the Lakefront Bicycle Path. Uptown is an authorized dealer of Raleigh, KHS and Rocky Mountain. There is also a select offering of used bicycle options available in the store as well. These are usually in stock until supplies last, typically in between November and April. What also differentiates Uptown from competitors is that is is woman owned, and managed. If your ever on the north side of Chicago you have to stop by Uptown Bikes to pick out your dream manual powered machine on two wheels, except for on Wednesdays because they will be closed.

4653 N Broadway St Open Mon-Tue,Thu-Fri 11am-7pm; Weekends 11am-5pm
Chicago, IL 60640-5011 (773) 728-5212

Boulevard Bikes


A very helpful staff, good selection of used and new bicycles, and a good mechanic staff that can handle whatever problem you could bring into their bicycle shop. Besides good service and the optional advise from the staff, they have a good selection of bicycle brands to offer shoppers. These being: Bianchi, Manhattan, Pashley, Redline, Soma, Surly, and Toker kids' bicycles. There is also an offering of Burley and BOB trailors. This little bicycle shop located in the Logan Square area of Chicago, the intersection of Kedzie and Logan Boulevards, is a great destination for those looking to get a new bicycle and get to riding.

2535 North Kedzie Boulevard Open Mon-Wed 10am-7pm; Thu 10am-8pm; Fri-Sat
Chicago, IL 60647-2655 10am-6pm; Sun 12pm-5pm (773) 235-9109

Turin Bicycle


When you have a slogan like "truth, knowledge, and really great cycling" there has got to be a certain level of quality that is automatically associated once hearing the name. This bicycle shop understands that you don't have to select them out of the many bicycle shops in the city, but strives to offers something that will surely let you see why they are different from the rest and make you more interested in buying your bicycle from them. This is what I like to call their four S's. Satisfaction being one, every product they offer to their customers they fully support that item for purchase or else they wouldn't try to sell it. If there is also ever a problem, you can easily come directly to them and they will surely offer a great resolution that will make you more than happy. Smiles, they strive to push the fun found in cycling and the healthier lifestyle that its customers tend to pursue. Selection, Turin Bicycle prides itself on offering one of the widest selection of bicycle brand options in the area. Service being the last, this stands for excellent customer service. It also represents the service training they offer, as well as their expertise. Located on 1027 Davis St. Evaston, IL, these 30 minute drive away from Chicago may be just worth what you need to do to get the bicycle service you desire.

Open Weekdays 11am-8pm; Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 12pm-5pm (847) 864-7660

Working Bikes


The Working Bikes mission is, "Working Bikes gives new life to old bikes and independence to those who ride them..." If your looking for a bicycle to ride around on, and want to do your part in bettering the environment even further, then this cool way of one to do that. This is so because Working Bikes does not offer new bicycles for you to choose from, their selection has a much cooler story. Their bicycle selection is composed of bicycles once headed to a landfill, but have been given new life and looking for new riders. Now if your a sport bicycle rider, you might not want to come here looking for a competition bicycle. However if you a commuter bicycle rider, then you have a great opportunity to do a better service to our community an environment by buying a restored bicycle from Working Bikes. They also do a great service of using the profit earned from the selling and donation of bicycles to afford to ship the remaining shipment overseas.

2434 S. Western Open Wed-Thu 12pm-7pm; Fri-Sat 12pm-5pm
Chicago, IL 60608 (773) 847-5440

Johnny Sprockets


Voted by the readers of Time Out as Chicago's number one bicycle shop in Chicago, Johnny Sprockets may not be the best place to save money, but it offers everything in bicycling from clothing to parts and accessories. The best thing about this shop is that they are not the salesmen trying to make the sell, the staff is also comprised of cyclists like the customers that walk into their store. This store prides itself on having a staff of hardcore dedicated cyclists in all types of fields of cycling that do it year round. Even in the harsh winter weather of the northern regions offer in cities like Chicago.

They have a commitment to the products they sell as well. Them being comprised of bicycle lovers themselves, the stores ownership and staff is very knowledgeable and wouldn't sell you anything that is not up to their own personal standards of riding satisfaction. Johnny Sprockets is a great bicycle store option in the Chicago area, but it is also a good community setting for those interested in bicycling. This great bicycle shop is located in two locations...

3001 N.Broadway, Chicago (773) 244-1079

1052 W. Bryn Mawr, Chicago (773) 293-1695

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August 16, 2011 12:30 PM | Biking

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