Best Five Cars of 2012 That Can Help Make Men Happy

From time immemorial flaunting macho and sturdy cars have been the favorite hobby of men. The cars used by men not only reflect their persona but also add on their personality. Women is often judged by the clothes she wears and the accessories she uses, on the contrary the yardsticks that makes a man cool is how he dresses up and the car he drives.

Here is the list of the top five macho cars of the year 2012 that will lure and entice the opposite sex towards men using cool these cool cars.



The first production of Hummer can be traced back to the year 1990 when it was introduced by General Motors. This car is based on the model of Humvee military vans that were primarily used by the United States armed forces. This particular model gained immense popularity among the people after the Desert Storm Operations. Men symbolize Hummer H3, H2 and H1 models with masculinity. Even though the production of this particular model has been stopped in the recent times but still the demand for these cars are high and men are ready to pay any price for it.

Dodge Durango


This baby is ideally suited for the rough as well as the smooth terrain. You can drive on it with your entire family as the car is extremely spacious and the interior of this car is pretty cool as well. As far as the fuel economy is concerned the mileage given by this car is quite good if not extremely superior. The performance of the car is unbeatable in any of the gears so it does not matter on which topography you are driving. All this facts make Dodge Durango, the hardiest car and therefore the first choice of men.

Chevrolet Corvette


This particular model of the renowned car manufacturer Chevrolet has been the first choice for many men from the 1950ís. From the time it was been marketed to the recent time this sport car has been the hot favorite among men. The sturdy and hardy appearance of the car with 430 horsepower engine has been the hot favorite of many enthusiasts. It has remained one of the high demand sports car from the time it is been marketed till now.

Coupe BMW 1M 2012


For those young bloods for whom performance is much more important quotient than style, the Coupe BMW 1M is just the ideal car. Though this car is less gorgeous in its appearance in comparison to the other models from the same manufacturer but when you will consider the performance of the car it is simply unbeatable. This suspension of this car is simply great and has colossal liner brake action. You will simply love driving it.

Ford Mustang Boss 302


The Ford Mustang has remained the primary choice of many men from a long period of time. The powerful engine of this car, the great mileage that it promises to deliver, the superior oiling technology as well as the 5 way adaptable dampers make it the most viable option available to prospective male buyers.

The car a man uses defines him. A glance at a sleek or a powerful car creates an impression about the driver in the mind of the viewers and thus men are ready to invest a lot of their hard earned money on it. So owning a macho car is given primary importance by most men. If you are looking for a macho car consider any of these. It is definitely going to turn a lot of head.

About the Author

The above article is written by CJ who is a real lover for latest new car and bikes. She is associated with "Gear Heads" at the moment as a freelance writer.

November 28, 2012 11:38 AM | Cars

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