Best Back Protectors - POC Spine VPD Vest Back Protector


Best back protectors like this POC Spine VPD Vest Back Protector are Poc's top of the line spine guard. These Best back protectors are designed for snowboarding, skiing, and cycling, and are manufactured to meet all European safety standards for impact protection required of motorcycle clothing. The POC Spine VPD Vest Back Protector features foam webbing sewn directly into the pocket that holds the Spine Protector in place and provides additional spine protection and superior breathability, breathable reinforced spandex mesh fabric for strength and breathability, a six-inch, heavy-duty, removable spandex waist belt to keep the Spine VPD Tee snug to your torso and more. If you want the best ski, snowboard, and cycling spine guard available, the POC VPD Spine Vest is for you. Buy this POC Spine VPD Vest Body Armor for a price of $220.

VPD...What is that?
"VPD stands for Visco-elastic Polymer Dough. We could go into a long discussion about physical chemistry and the transformation of matter through space and time. However, let's just say that VPD is the product of some very sophisticated science. VPD is one of the few compounds on the market that meets the European Union's highest standard for protective motorcycle clothing (CE 1621 Level 2-High Performance). Why? Because VPD is soft and comfortable, yet upon impact, VPD stiffens to absorb an extreme amount of energy created by such an impact. Since it is this energy from impact that ultimately causes bodily injury, the more energy your spine guard shields from you, the less likely you are to suffer injury. Most spine protection devices are static. The POC VPD Spine Protector is progressive, meaning the harder the impact, the proportionately more energy from the impact POC's VPD Spine Protector will absorb. Think of it as your loving mother and personal bodyguard rolled into one".

November 20, 2009 8:05 PM | Health Safety

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