Best 6 Places To Kiteboard In The World Guide


We've collected the pest 6 places to kiteboard in the world to help point you on your way. The Kiteboarding locations in our Best 6 Places To Kiteboard In The World Guide all offer stunning water front scenery, a great ocean breeze, the thrill of adventure smacking you straight in the face, and the excitement of high past movement. Plus, all these qualities are what one can associate with the sport of kiteboarding. Now hoping on top of a kiteboarding board (similar to a wakeboard), and find a strong wind to carry you on seems relatively easy. However, as we all know what seems easy never truly is. To get the best kiteboarding experience, you must do like any other sports love must. You have to find the right beach that can perfectly suite your action packed water sport. Here, you will be able to find the top places to explore your need for excitement on the water through kiteboarding.

Black beach Lagoon, Queensland. Australia


If there is a country known for having the best environment for doing any type of sport associated with water, year round might I add, then it would most definitely be Australia. This is so because Australia is a water sport lovers paradise. The continent of endless sandy beaches, good strong winds, and of course the deep blue ocean surrounding it. Although surfing is heavily considered to be the top water sport here, when the waves are not at the heights the surfers like kiteboarding becomes a top alternative. Also when the low tide comes around, the Black Beach Lagoon becomes a top of the line kiteboarding destination. The water is flat and generously shallow, and free of chop.

Southern Calamianes Region, Philippines


This kiteboarding destination requires a little bit of work in the traveling department. By this, I am referring to the fact that for a kiteboarding enthusiast would only be able to reach this island group destination by boat. However, what you find once you get there will make the traveling methods seem very acceptable. Riders can expect to see a constant stream of steady wind, crystal clear tropic water, the white beaches, and because of the difficulty of reaching this kiteboarding hotspot you might be the only one there.

Cumbuco, Ceara, Brazil


All those looking for a place to escape to for a kiteboarding journey in South America, Cumbuco is gonna be a top choice. Cumbuco is a small fishing village in Brazil with an estimated population of 1,600. This small village offers highly optimal kiteboarding conditions with its mild air, ocean temperatures, and strong consistent winds. Also, the world famous sand dunes also provide a boost in the wind speed. This is a very affordable place to travel to, with great accommodation options.

New Brunswick, Canada


Now its easy to say that when one first thinks of great beaches, good winds, and warm weather, anywhere in Canada would come up. Well during their summer months, July to September, this harsh area which is close to arctic weather conditions becomes a top notch kiteboarding destination in North America. This flat island provides you with smooth wind coming from any direction, and the best part is the diverse options of kiteboarding locations. By this I am referring to being able choose between a protected sand spit bays with smooth flat water, or to more exposed areas where on can find joy in the availability of waves. If your looking for a great kiteboarding experience in a place you would never expect, with a great assortment of alternatives to choose from when the kiteboarding is very promising, then this Canadian destination is where you need to be.

Tenerife, Spain


Tenerife is the largest island in Spain, and holds a little over forty percent of the island population of the Canary Islands of Spain. Despite being a highly sought after tourist destination, average annual tourists numbers around five million, it still has a lot to offer for the kiteboarding enthusiast. These great weather conditions include big waves, strong winds, and awesome beaches. Another benefit is that this destination offers a good variety of international competition for those looking to test their skills against a diverse challenger pool.

Boracay, Philippines


This top island destination, consistently appearing in the top of best global rankings, a tad bit south of Manila offers kiteboarders a unique kiteboarding experience. Although this island is a perfect destination for a beginner level boarders, it still has something to offer those with more skill and expertise. The moderate wind offerings from late in the morning to the wee hours of the afternoon are a good attraction for all kiteboarders. The best time to go on a journey for kiteboarding here is the Amihan climate season. During this season the weather is typically moderate temperatures, little to no rainfall, and strong winds from the east.

Tell us what you think of these locations in our comment section. We're also going to have a forum soon for discussing all sorts of sport topics!

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