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As summer comes to a close it is time to look forward to the fall fashion season. Whether simply dressing for the season or for any variety of outdoor activities choosing clothing that is both fashionable and serves the purpose can be a challenging task. Berghaus outdoor wear makes this task a pleasure. With a wide variety of insulated clothing, sporty jackets, footwear and general men’s and women’s clothing it is easy to make a selection for any purpose in the latest styles.

The cooler fall weather calls for easy on-off fashions such as fleeces and vests that will allow you to be comfortable from outdoors to indoors or from store to store. Ideally you will not look like you are dressing simply for the weather. With quality fashion-wear you are always dressed to look your best and with a quality brand such as Berghaus you will always be comfortable.


Cold fall days and outdoor excursions such as a hike in the hills may call for a heavier jacket or base layers to be worn below outerwear. To look your best make sure that you when you remove your jacket what you’re wearing underneath it is of a matching style. Adding or removing layers should not look like you made a series of trips to the closet.

When participated in outdoor activities you will want to look like you belong. Dressing the part is more than just a passive fashion statement. It allows you to fully participate and comfortably enjoy all the outdoors has to offer. While waterproof clothing is often a must, it is equally important for it to breathe to keep you comfortable and dry on the inside as well as the outside. With multiple color-coordinated layers Berghaus jackets, clothing, and equipment provides a utility not found by simply choosing a sweater and top coat.

If you are fashion impaired and do not want to spend hours trying to select an outfit that not only matches your activity but also matches in look and style, stick with a full line fashion wear company. Then you will always know that the selected footwear will match with the jacket the jacket will match with the fleece you are wearing underneath it.

For a great selection of premium Berghaus outdoor clothing try You can sit in the comfort of your home and select the perfect wardrobe for all your outdoor activities.

August 27, 2013 12:33 PM | Coats Jackets

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