Bear Butt Ultralight Double Hammock


I was reluctant to try a camping hammock as I have never found hammocks to be especially comfortable for rest. When my sister gave me a BearButt hammock ($35.97)for my birthday, I felt it was the perfect time to take to the trails and try setting one up for the first time! My boyfriend, dog, and I went hiking on Las Virgenes trail in Los Angeles (an area very low in brush) and scoped out a good set of trees to use.


The hammock was extremely easy to put up--the hardest aspect was to find two trees spaced far enough apart which appeared sturdy enough to hold the hammock in the correct areas.

When people think about hammocks for camping, they don't think about a bear's butt. This Bear Butt Ultralight Double Hammock is nine feet long so I needed to find trees that were at least twelve feet apart to provide a comfortable sway. I felt that if I didn't, the bear from The Revenant would get me. Rawr! Have you seen that clip? Once the trees were found, it took about 3 minutes to put up the hammock with some after market straps and caribeaners.


It was a particularly windy day in Southern California which provided a nice gentle rocking. If you are prone to seasickness, hammock use/camping may not be for you as this is practically impossible to control! I found the rocking very comforting and pleasant on this beautiful, sunny day. Once the wind picked up; however, I got a chill and the sides of the hammock were difficult to hold in comfortably. I would suggest bringing some alligator clips or other strong clip if you want to completely close the top of the hammock and deflect wind.

The Bearbutt hammock was comfortable for me to rock and sway in, but what about the intended use for the double hammock: to be comfortable for two? I asked my boyfriend to get in first to avoid being completely smooshed by him climbing in after me. He laid on his back and I laid on my side with my head on his shoulder and left leg slung over his legs. It was extremely comfortable laying this way, much warmer with a second person, and romantic in the sunset.


Here are a few details I especially enjoyed about the BearButt hammock:

1. Its length: This nine foot long hammock gave me (5'6") and my boyfriend (6'2") plenty of wiggle room. I was able to scoot up or down in the hammock to find a comfortable place to lay in accordance with how it was tied to the trees. I also have no doubt that my hiking pack would fit easily at the foot of the hammock.


2. The stuff sack: It is attached to the hammock. If you are a backpacker like me, you know the perils of trying to locate a stuff sack at five o'clock in the morning as you're packing out and leaving your site for the day. This could also be used to store small items while using the hammock as it's right in the center of where you are laying.

3. The material: Like many camping hammocks, this one was made of parachute/windbreaker type material, which I found to be very wind resistant. I would certainly add a sleeping bag on the inside for warmth if I chose to sleep in it overnight.

4. Its width: The hammock is six feet wide. That gave the two of us room to lay down and cover ourselves with the extra material to keep the wind out. 

5. Its appearance: It's just a good looking hammock, right out of the sack!

I recommend this hammock to all new camping hammock users or general hammock users. It is very versatile as it is easy to store and set up for use. I would use it for sleeping or resting after a long day of hiking.

June 4, 2016 7:44 AM | Camping


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