Apl.de.ap of the Black Eyed Peas: Profile of an Artist, Entrepreneur and Global Advocate

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We where recently given the opportunity to interview Apl.de.ap of the Black Eyed Peas about his new indie label Jeepney music and a little about himself. In an industry inflated with hollow celebrity, Grammy award-winning artist Apl.de.ap of the Black Eyed Peas is leveraging his influence to open up music on a global scale. Enter Jeepney Music (www.jeepneymusic.com), a label dedicated to giving back to those who are underserved and underpowered, providing developing countries with sustainable business models through music. Apl.de.ap and the Jeepney team have designed a community dedicated to giving back to Apl's homeland of the Philippines through a partnership between the Apl Foundation and Give2Asia, as well as provide emerging global artists with the opportunity to be recognized in ways they might never have been due to lack of resources. Apl.de.ap carries a badge of conviction, reminding us that despite these economic times we can pull together, regardless of race, class or gender.

These questions where meant to educate our readers about Jeepney Music and Apl.de.ap...

1) What is your favorite part of what you do?

Producing new music and dancing

2) As a successful person, musician, leading recording artist, global advocate and business entrepreneur, what drives you?

My passion to give back to other artists and to my homeland.

3) Lets say i'm an artist who needs a boost, what is the best way I can use Jeepney Music
as a resource?

First, sign up on the site. Second, load your music, videos and content. I am looking everyday for new artists to work with and sign to our label. This is how we check you our. In addition, we pick featured artists to promote on our site. Finally, we want you to look to our community for others to possibly collaborate with.

4) From the top of your head, Who or what Jeepney group are you really excited about right now?

Infinity Sounds...they are these Korean Triplets. I love their music and I am looking forward to working with them soon.

5) As an artist, what is the main difference of being with Jeepney Music compared to other
mainstream labels?

We are an indie label and we are interested in providing a new paradigm of creating music and delivering it to the world. Jeepney is interested in preserving the art of music and empowering the artist.

6) Records are becoming popular again... any interest in this old medium of music?

I think it is a classic and brings back some of the roots of music.

7) There are many charity organizations that use sports as a means of bettering humanity. An example is BallForAll.org. Any ideas on integrating sports and music together in theinterest if giving back?

We are always open to new ways of integrating music into a means of giving back.

8) Here's a straight one...what is your favorite sport to play. What is your favorite sport
to watch?

I love to shoot hoops and bowl. I love watching my friend Manny Pacquiao boxing.

9) If you could go back in time to see any band/musician perform it would be?

That is a tough one. So many. I would actually like to be on stage with Stevie Wonder.

10) The business model for many companies has changed with an emphasis on bettering the world... what are some of your favorite clothing brands, products etc. that follow this path?

September 29, 2009 1:06 AM | Entertainment

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