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An affordable HD camcorder like this DXG-A85V Pro Gear digital camcorder is just the thing you need now that summer is here. This affordable HD camcorder takes quick snapshots and movies with the highest quality resolution and makes sharing your video an ease on YouTube, DVD or direct to the TV. So go ahead, capture your dad finishing a marathon, your hike in the Rockies, a European adventure, or your kids first steps in style.

The DXG-A85V features 12X optical zoom, high definition video recording, a 3-inch LCD display with touch screen controls, 10 megapixel still camera and more. This professional-grade camcorder rivals $800 products on the market and provides you with a lot of advanced features normally found in professional camcorders but without matching the high price. Those who want to capture outdoor scenery will love the 10MP image sensor and 12X optical zoom, that captures it beautifully even at 200 feet away. And with a 60fps high-definition video available, the DXG-A85V is perfect for sports and other action shots. Another cool feature is the camcorder's advanced Manual Focus System that lets you select what subject to focus on by simply tapping on the touch screen. This compact and portable HD Camcorder records full 1080p HD video, features dual-capturemode, a 3" touch screen display, HDMI interface with HDMI cable included and support for high-capacity SD cards up to 16GB

We got one of these to review and went to town recording all kinds of things. The small hand-held size made it really efficient to carry around and the padded pouch (included) made sure no damage was possible. We liked the button placement which made recording, picture taking, changing settings etc. available right at your finger tips while holding the camera with one hand. All in all, a great deal for the money! Buy this DXG-A85V for a price of $320.


June 30, 2010 12:36 AM | Personal Media

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