5 Travel Gadget Gift Ideas for Christmas 2012


When it comes to buying gifts for men, there tends to be an agonising process of trying to come up with the perfect gift. If you have a man in your life who is a frequent traveler, consider some of the top travel gadgets to purchase for Christmas. If it is anything from this list, it is sure to speed up travel and make it more efficient - which makes for a gift he will be sure to treasure. If you are looking for tips when travelling at the last minute, you can read more at Holiday Hypermarket.

1. Amazon Kindle Fire

Over the years, Amazon has reigned king of the e-book reader realm. With an Amazon Kindle, owners are able to take an entire library of books along with them wherever they might be in the world. Not only does it save invaluable space and weight during travel, it provides a source of constant, varied entertainment. The Kindle Fire is the newest reincarnation in the Kindle line, and it stands apart from the rest in being a full colour, touchscreen tablet that is lightweight and portable. Equipped with Wi-fi, this gift ensures that your traveling man has access to books, magazines, and articles, as well as apps like Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Twitter. The newest generation starts at $159, and can be bought directly from Amazon.


2. Bose Quiet Comfort 15

For $299, you can give the ultimate gift of losing himself in his own world of music or movies, with no interfering noises from the outside. The quality of these headphones is outstanding, and Bose is known around the world as the leader in sound technology. These headphones would make a perfect gift for your music-loving man, as he will be able to hear the deepest bass and complex layers of music with hi-definition headphones. The comfortable fit makes it so that they can be worn with ease for multiple hours on end, unlike other headphones which can irritate after a short time. This is a gift that is sure to be a must-have for any trip.


3. Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS

This rough and tumble camera will ensure that no matter what your man goes through - hiking mountains, swimming in secluded lagoons, or simply hoping his luggage survived the handler abuse at the airport, he can rely on the trustworthiness of this little point and shoot to be tough enough to take it all, and still take great pictures. A great gift for the adventurous man in your life, this camera can withstand almost anything the elements throw at it. The Olympus Tough is water-, dust-, freeze-, drop-, and crush-proof, living up to its name, and delivering quality 12 megapixel photos. Retails for $399.


4. SPOT Personal GPS Tracker

This is a wonderful gift for your mountaineering, trail-blazing adventurer, who, for your own peace of mind, you'd like to know exactly where he is in the world, even if he is not in cell phone range. This GPS tracker lets its user ping his exact geographic location using orbiting satellites, allowing family and friends to follow his path from their own computers. And it has an emergency safety button that sends out an SOS signal if he falls into trouble and needs the help of a rescue team. This is a gadget that can really be a life-saver. Starts at $99.


5. Windows Tablet: Microsoft Surface

With the choice that a traveler has to make based on weight and comfort limits, it always comes down to the question of whether or not he should bring his laptop on the trip or not. It does weigh a ton, after all. With the Microsoft Surface, the newest tablet that interfaces e-readers with a laptop. With a screen just 0.4 inches thick, and a touch-sensitive widescreen display, it is a beautiful travel companion. A kickstand sets it up like a laptop, along with a super-thin keyboard...and even stereo speakers. Starts at $499.

January 5, 2013 2:59 AM | Gadgets

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