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DirtBoard - mountain skateboard

A mountainboard is made up of components including a deck, bindings to secure the rider to the deck, four wheels with pneumatic tires, and two steering mechanisms known as trucks. Check out these mountainboards!


Leather Skateboard - Natailia Brilli Black Leather Skateboard

Designer Natailia Brilli, notorious for leather, has created this Natailia Brilli Black Leather Skateboard made from black lambskin. The Natailia Brilli Black Leather Skateboard looks like something you'd want to ride around in your house while being careful not to scratch it up.


Beer Skateboard - Deathwish 40 oz Low Life Cruiser Skateboard

Yes...it's a beer shaped skateboard!!! The Deathwish 40 oz Low Life Cruiser Skateboard Deck is made from 7-ply hardwood maple and pokes fun at the "champagne of beers".


Graphic Skateboard - Corbus Skateboards

Custom Longboards Skateboards are far-out designed space boards. They feature customization that's on another level and are modified by their user both for style and ride-ability.


iPhone Skateboard

Skateboards haven't really advanced much over the year, but the next best thing is this iPhone Skateboard. No it doesn't actually make calls, or play cool games, but it's cool because of the iPhone home screen printed on both sides. Buy the iPhone skateboard design for $60.


Graffiti Skateboard - Wildstyle Graffiti Inspired Skateboards

This graffiti skateboard was designed by Loren Kulesus and is definitely remarkably cool. Though the holes in the board probably give it less strength and too much flex, if the materials are strong it's the perfect piece of function-candy.


Shingle Skateboard - Contributor Shingle Skateboard

The Contributor Shingle Skateboard is a work of art that deserves to be admired on your wall rather then being worn out at the park. Designed by Devin Barrette, these Contributor Shingle Skateboards are made for kids who can't afford them. Very cool design!


T-Board - Snowboard Training Skateboard

The T-board is a high performance carving hybrid built specifically to mimic the sensation of carving on a snowboard. Because the wheels form an edge right under the arches of your feet, the carving sensation is one of the purest out there. These T-board's come in four styles and cost $189-205.


Freeline Skates

Freeline Skates are ridden like a snowboard or skateboard and let you achieve high levels of traction and carve smooth "S" turns while riding downhill or make killer moves on a straightaway. The single-piece construction skates are made from military- and aircraft-grade case aluminum, provide maximum durability, while the custom grade polyeurethane wheels deliver a smooth ride and long-lasting integrity. Buy these extremely portable skates with traditional skateboard grip-tape included for a price of $150.


Street Board

A street board or "snakeboard" as it was originally known is a board that was invented in 1989 by James Fisher and Oliver Macleod Smith. The street board evolved from the original skateboard and encompassed elements of snowboards and surfboards. The design is basically a central board with two pivoting footplates attached at each end. Top it off with trucks and wheels and you've got a street board.


Electric Skateboard- E-Glide GI Powerboard

This E-Glide GI Powerboard incorporates pneumatic tires along with low deck height and can out-carve any electric skateboard ever built. The E-Glide GI boasts tech Bionic Truck technology, which was the key to creating this low deck/pneumatic tired board. It's nicknamed the best "carving" electric skateboard ever built.



Mirror Skateboard

With the Mirror Skateboard you can check yourself out on your favorite mobility device.


BMW Skateboard - bmw street carver

The Street Carver is a brand new product designed any manufactured by BMW...yeah that's right the same company that's brought you sporty high maintenance cars brings you this hi-tech snowboard style carving board. The Street Carver is made from a combination of wood and fiberglass inlays, four pendulum supports from the BMW 5 Series suspension that provide guiding and stabilizing for the trucks, and highest grade steel trucks. It features advanced steering technology that lets you initiate purposeful changes in direction by shifting your weight so that fast steering maneuvers are possible. At higher speeds, your weight automatically stabilizes the ride. It retails for $560.




StowBoard Folding Skateboard

The StowBoard Folding Skateboard gets you from point A to point B much faster than you'd ever do walking and then fold its generous 31" length to just under 11" for stowage. In fact, the stowed board is probably smaller than your notebook.



Motorized Skateboard - Wheelman Motorized Skateboard

This Australian-made Wheelman Motorized Skateboard is powered by a two-stroke engine that holds 1.5 litres of fuel. The Wheelman Motorized Skateboard gives you an hour and a half of riding around, on or off-road at top speeds of 19mph. Just hold it in your hand, and squeeze it, and you're off.



The Flowboard by Flowlab is a large skateboard-style deck with two unique trucks that each hold seven wheels fixed in an arch. The result is a skateboard that turns and flows in a different way than more traditional pin trucks with two wheels each. In fact, the feeling is so odd that you really have to try it to understand the difference. You can buy one from Amazon for a price of $80.


Snowskate SkateBoard - Rails Snowskate

The Rails Snowskate is cool way to switch it up in the winter season! Each Rails Snowskate features 4 small skis so you can hit the skateboard in the winter. Buy this Snowskate for a price of $50-$150.


February 21, 2010 1:00 PM | Skateboarding

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